Sunday, July 01, 2018

Yard Sale or Donating Kids Stuff

When I was getting packed and ready to move from California I had a yard sale to try to get rid of what I didn't need or want. We all know as parents that kids alone accumulate a lot of crap that they grow out of.
From clothes to toys and books to all the baby items we must have when they are young. Items that they love and cherish one moment and decide are "for babies" or "little kids" the next. While I certainly did not have any baby items anymore my kids still had plenty of old clothes, stuffed animals, books and toys that they no longer wanted or needed.
I had a yard sale two weekends in a row to get rid of what I could and then for the remainder of the toys and books I found a Preschool near my house to donate the items too! Although I would have liked to get money for the items, I needed all the money I could get, it made me feel good to know the toys and especially the books would get LOTS of good use!
Also instead of donating kids items to Good Will, etc. I usually try to find a family to give it too.


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