Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Summer Fun, Scavenger Hunt #1

I love it when things work out the way I hope!

I put together an indoor scavenger hunt for my kiddos, who are now 13 & 9. I have been trying to find new ways to entertain them this summer without electronics and without "needing" to go somewhere. The older they get the harder it seems to be... However the scavenger hunt was a TOTAL SUCCESS!! They worked together taking turns, used their imaginations and had fun!!!

For #46, they took a picture of me!!

I compiled several scavenger hunt lists I found online to make one long one! I had my kids take pictures of everything they found as well as write down what they found or where they found it. I have a list of 100 items and I decided to divide it in half instead of doing it all in one day. Not that it took my kids very long to get through the list, I wanted to get more than one day of entertainment out of it. We also might do an alphabet scavenger hunt!

Here is my list if you would like to use it yourself! I included some fun "rules" at the bottom! Ill post the second list after we do it.

Indoor Picture Scavenger Hunt (list 1)

1. Something shiny
2. Something new
3. Something GREEN
4. Something you can eat
5. Something you wear on your feet

6. A book with the word AND in the title
7. Something you write with
8. A picture of someone in your family
9. Something BLACK
10. A tube of toothpaste
11. Something you can tear
12. Something that is part of a pair
13. A stuffed animal
14. Something PINK
15. Something sweet
16. A bottle of liquid
17. A piece of money
18. Something BLUE
19. Something round
20. Something with wheels
21. Something ORANGE
22. Something you wear
23. Something soft
24. Something that floats
25. Something smaller than a penny
26. Something YELLOW
27. Something sharp
28. A rubber band
29. A paperclip
30. A post-it
31. Something RED
32. A battery
33. A magazine
34. Something fluffy
35. A piece of Lego
36. Something with a number in it
37. Something WHITE
38. A musical instrument
39. Take selfies of everyone on the team
40. Something that grows
41. A costume
42. Something PURPLE
43. Something heavy
44. Something stinky
45. A circle
46. Something you love
47. An eraser
48. A marble
49. A ruler
50. A sticker

Do not use the same item twice
Pictures must be taken in order
Work together as a team
Be creative!
Have fun!


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