Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Letters & Lies: My Book Update!!!

It seem a little silly how much I love holding this in my hands! It is not even a real book yet, but it is a work in progress and just having something to hold, something tangible, makes it seem more real! It makes the dream seem like more of a reality!!! 

I printed the first rough draft so I could easily re-read it and make notes and such for editing. 

I once hoped to have it completed by now, but life has gotten in the way a bit and writing a book can be a slow process. Hopefully it wont take too much longer. 

In my previous post about my book "Letters & Lies" I mentioned my book will be available on Amazon. I plan to self-publish at first, but also hope to find a publisher for hard copies as well. 

Feel free to give the Letters & Lies Facebook page some love! 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Single Mom Dating?

I have been single for over a year now. I do not need a man in my life, nor am I wanting a relationship exactly, but I am ready to date. Have fun, be ME, once in a while, not just MOM. The problem is, I don't know how?

I never really did the "dating thing" I was trying to when I met the EX. I will know better this time if some guy tries to sweep me off my feet. I have kids now to think about. They are a huge factor in me dating. It will be a long time before I even consider introducing my kids to a man I am dating and it would obviously have to be a relationship I see going somewhere before the guy would get the privilege of meeting my children.

My main question is, how do I meet men to date? In the very far past, guys I had relationships with I met at bars, school, mutual friends... None of those are options for me anymore.

I do not go to bars anymore, my school is online, and the friends option doesn't work, everyone is already married. I've considered the online dating and dating apps but I don't want to pay the membership fees for the good sights and the free ones seem to be people just looking to "hook-up".

Any thoughts? I think I need some single friends to hang out with... Other single moms...

Friday, April 08, 2016

Kids Household Chores, Allowance and Instant Gratification

The instant gratification part was my sisters idea so I cant take full credit. 

I have had a chore chart for my kids for quite some time. Recently my daughter requested a raise in the amount of money she earns per chore, to which I agreed and added this new intensive with instant gratification.

I must confess I have been very bad about paying out allowance in the past. There was a constant tally of IOU's on sticky notes. I rarely have cash on hand so at the end of the week I wouldn't have the cash to pay the kids for doing chores... So I would add it up and write it down at least... Well, my sister gave me the idea of having the money kept on the fridge so as soon as the chore was done my daughter, or son, could get paid immediately! 

I decided to still keep the star chart so I could keep track throughout the week of who was doing what chores and when. The same set of chores are listed on the chart and above where the money is! If you can't tell from the picture the three smaller magnets are holding coins, 2 quarters each and everything else is $1. The chores list I made in Excel and printed it on a magnetic sheet! My daughter is the orange stars, she typically does more chores than my son who is green. As you can see, she did several chores yesterday!! I have plenty of cash on hand for now and I decided to get 20 ones at a time and keep it in a jar in my house so I do not spend it elsewhere!! 

My kids also have chores they do not get paid for, which are cleaning up their own dishes after meals, putting away their own laundry and of course cleaning their own rooms. 

With summer approaching I will have some more outside chores they can do, like picking up sticks in the backyard! Too bad neither one of them are big enough to use the lawn mower yet... That will remain my chore... 

What type of chores do your kids do? Do you pay allowance for chores or just because?