Sunday, March 06, 2016

Musical Monday ~ Linky ~ "Fighter" Christina Aguilera

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Musical Monday w/ Testing Trisha



  1. Great choice Trisha - are you a Voice fan?
    Christina has some great picks for her team so far!

    Have an amazing week and be sure to join us too! :-)

  2. Hi Trisha: REmember me? How you doin sweetie? I read your Post regarding what's been happening with you, and I'm so so sorry, but you're strong and I always knew you were the kind of gal that would just pick herself up & dust herself off and start all over again and do it even better than the first time. HUGS! Thanks for joining us you have ROCKED THE HOUSE with your rockin' tunes...

  3. Great song! Thanks for coming by my blog too to catch my music of the day.

  4. It always bothered me that Britney Spears got all the attention when clearly Christina had a better voice (we welcome replies to our editorials). This is very good!

  5. Fascinating song.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Happy weekend!


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