Monday, March 07, 2016

Experiencing Snow for the First Time!!!

For so many years I felt kinda guilty that my kids had never experienced snow.

Although I certainly did not miss it myself.

I grew up in Colorado. I have many great memories from my childhood of playing in the snow! From building an igloo in my front yard, making snow angles, going sledding. Building a slide in a friends backyard and we got it wet, which froze, to make us slide better and faster!! Not to mention the occasional "SNOW DAY", waiting impatiently while the schools being closed are announced over the radio! Or being totally disappointed when so many private schools were closed and yet my public school was not...

My kids were growing up without experiencing all of this... We lived in warmer climates where it didn't snow... Well, not anymore! Finally, at the ages of 12 & 8, this past winter, my children have been able to experience a REAL winter including lots of snow!!! They have gotten to play in the snow and go sledding and make snow angles! We have had two Snow Days so far! We were all so excited when it snowed for the first this this winter! I was just as excited for them to see snow, as they were to see it!!! Thankfully they seem to have acclimated much better than I have to the colder climate. I am cold all the time, my hands are always cold, but it's worth it. I'm happy to be living back in Colorado again!


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