Monday, February 08, 2016

Mismatched Socks ~ Random Tuesday

My socks rarely match, not because I have lost the matching pair, but because I mismatch them on purpose because its more fun that way!!

Also, I LOVE toe socks! I recently found these two pairs of socks at Walgreens and of course I could not resist mismatching them!!!

Do you mismatch your socks or does this drive you crazy?

I have bought 1 set of 6 pairs of crazy patterned socks that came unmatched, but mostly I will just mismatch my regular socks. Even the solid color socks! The only time my socks match is when they are plane white or black and that is only because my white and black socks are very different from the others and the socks have to be the same style for me to mismatch them.

Both my kids also wear mismatched socks!! My sister thinks we are all crazy! It drives her nuts!!


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