Sunday, February 28, 2016

Musical Monday ~ Linky ~ "Alice" Avril Lavigne

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Musical Monday w/ Testing Trisha

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Loki the Survivor Cat

In the beginning of January 2015, we adopter another cat from a local animal shelter. We named him Loki, although he wasn’t a Loki at all, he was only a year old, (the size of a small cat, but not full grown) he was pretty, sweet, loving and he liked to cuddle! My favorite type of cat! We already had another cat in the house named Ginger. Loki was the best cat and he was certainly a momma’s boy, he would follow me around the house and was always on my lap whenever I was sitting down! Even in an office chair when I was at my computer he would climb in my lap! When I was out of town at the end of February, while the Ex was moving out of the house, Loki went missing…

Maybe he was looking for me, maybe he was freaked out by Ex moving things out of the house. Loki had certainly not had time to bond with Ex the way he did with me. Who knows, but when I came back home, not only had my husband left me, but my sweet Loki was missing also… I held out hope for many weeks that he would turn up. He never did and I eventually gave up. There was a wooded area down the street where coyote’s lived and I assumed they got him… After we returned from our trip to Colorado over the summer my kids were down the street playing with the neighborhood kids who lived there and the kids claimed they had seen our cat Loki… I didn’t want to believe them at first, I certainly didn’t want to get my hopes up, after-all how could Loki still be alive, he had been missing for 5 months? I found a picture of Loki on my phone to show the kids and they were sure it was him. Still skeptical I was eventually able to show the picture to the kids mother, whom had also seen the cat and said they had been feeding him tuna. The mom also said she was sure it was Loki!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Abuse Through the Legal System

I made the mistake of marrying a Narcissist.

 It has been almost a year since he left me (and our children) and yet I am still nowhere near being officially divorced.

 Why you ask? First off, the state of California does have a 6 month time frame and there was also a delay in the initial filing due to a deployment which he did not even complete. But once something was filed the clock started ticking and even the 6 months should be up by now. Primarily, he will not agree to terms (regarding money) for the final judgment (divorce decree) and he keeps dragging me back to court because he is unhappy with the amount of support he has to pay.

He is of course paying child support and he is also paying spousal maintenance A.K.A. alimony, which I think he never imagined he would have to pay. I have not had a full-time job in over 13 years. I have had a few part-time work from home jobs but nothing that relates to relevant experience to help me get a job outside of the home now. I have primarily been a stay at home mom for the last 13 years. All this qualifies me to receive spousal maintenance and he is really pissed-off about that.

Monday, February 08, 2016

Mismatched Socks ~ Random Tuesday

My socks rarely match, not because I have lost the matching pair, but because I mismatch them on purpose because its more fun that way!!

Also, I LOVE toe socks! I recently found these two pairs of socks at Walgreens and of course I could not resist mismatching them!!!

Do you mismatch your socks or does this drive you crazy?

I have bought 1 set of 6 pairs of crazy patterned socks that came unmatched, but mostly I will just mismatch my regular socks. Even the solid color socks! The only time my socks match is when they are plane white or black and that is only because my white and black socks are very different from the others and the socks have to be the same style for me to mismatch them.

Both my kids also wear mismatched socks!! My sister thinks we are all crazy! It drives her nuts!!

Helping Pregnant Women in Impoverished Regions

In the United States, there’s an organisation called the Nurse-Family Partnership that works with families all over the country and its territories to empower mothers in poverty.
With the use of evidence-based home visiting from nurses, they remind us how children everywhere need all the protection and support that they can get. A lot of the time, donors look to fund programs that support kids through regular child sponsorships, but they aren't the only vulnerable demographics in the world. First-time mothers, especially those living in impoverished regions, need as much attention as expecting mothers in developed countries - if not more.
There are plenty of medical foundations and charities that aim to reduce the rates of stillbirths all over the world, but enough isn't being done to give them the strength to persevere through pregnancy and transition smoothly into motherhood.