Friday, January 09, 2015

Deployment #9...

Yup, you read the title right...

Hubby will be deploying for the 9th time in a few short months... I must say we have finally had a much needed break from deployments, it has been 4 years since his last! However that does not mean he has been home every night for the last 4 years... It doesnt work that way... It just means over the last four years the longest he has been gone is probably 2 months.

Does that fact make it harder or easier?
I'm not really sure...

Deployments and seperation never get any easier, I only learn how to deal with them better. This deployment will probably be the hardest on the kids, Sissy complains a lot whenever Daddy is gone. Even if he just gets home late, she doesnt like not getting to see him before she goes to bed at night and Booboo needs a man around the house, even though he is mommy's boy, he likes doing the guy stuff with Daddy! Especially going to the hardward store! Haha!

So, yet again, I get to be the single parent, and over summer break too....... Ugh! I'm gonna go crazy!!! You wanna come with me?


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  1. My husband used to travel 3 or 4 weeks out of every month, single parenthood can be hard. But I think that's what made my daughter and I so close even more so now that she is an adult.

    Hopefully it will be short for you guys.


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