Tuesday, December 02, 2014

We Own a Home!!

It is so exciting, we finally own our own home again! We have lived in base housing for the last 5 years. Now we have a house that is ours and we no longer have another house attached to us! It is our house, we can do whatever we want to it!

We closed on the house on Halloween and moved in a week later! We are now fully unpacked (minus hanging up pictures) and all decorated for Christmas!!! We had a small Thanksgiving here with one other family we know and it is quite fitting that the first thing I ever baked in this house was a pumpkin pie (it's always been my favorite)!

The kids and hubby were off the whole week of Thanksgiving so this week I finally have a quite house, no unpacking to do and am getting back to a normal schedule. For now anyway, not long and the kids will be on Winter Break for 3 weeks.


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