Monday, April 28, 2014

Sleeping with a Frog Helped My Lower Back Pain

My Husband gave me this large frog stuffed animal many years ago before he left for his second deployment. He slept with it for a few days so it smelled like him and I had it to cuddle with in bed while he was gone. It has had a place sitting at the end of our bed ever since.
I have had lower back issues since my first pregnancy 11 years ago, it has only gotten worse over the years and doing certain activities (vacuuming the house, leaning over the sink doing dishes) exasperates it. I even tried physical therapy at one point but nothing has helped the constant ache in my lower back...

A few weeks ago I grabbed the frog to use as a book prop while laying in bed and ended up cuddling with it that night. I am a side sleeper and I always have a pillow between my knees and recently I realized it is also more comfortable to have something cushy against my chest between my arms, it supports the arm I'm not laying on and also I realized it keeps me on my side with my back straight instead of rolling partially forward curving my shoulders forward.

Since I started sleeping with the frog my lower back pain is almost gone, it rarely hurts anymore!!! All this time, it was the way I was sleeping. I have been told to sleep with a pillow between my legs, which helps but not enough. I told my husband it has helped me and he stole our daughters large whale to sleep with to see if it helps him. I going to try to find him a large bolster pillow that will work so he can give the whale back.
The frog is almost the width of my chest, it needs to be big to support your upper body properly. Regular pillows wont work as well because they are flat, you need something round.


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