Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Prioritizing: Kids, Husband, School, Job, Blogging... Random Tuesday

I have never been the best at prioritizing, but I am working on it. I miss blogging and I am trying to get better at making time for it. However that is easier said than done when I have so much on my plate. Blogging is last on my priority list... It's unfortunate, but that is the way it has to be.

If only my English teacher would grade my blog... I haven't mentioned it yet, but I am a part time online student! I started classes last July. I am currently taking an English class that I have actually enjoyed! Never like English classes in High School, of course I didn't enjoy writing as much then as I do now. Also in High School the teachers always made me read horrible books that I couldn't manage to finish... I love reading as long as I am interested in the topic.

Back to blogging:
Do you remember "Stalk Hop Friday"?
I want to bring it back! It was fun and a great way to grow your social media profiles! At the time I had link-ups for Google+, Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feed, Blog Frog and Networked Blogs.

I'm thinking the list needs to change up a bit. Obviously keep the first 3, but I think maybe add Pinterest. Any other suggestions?

I made a Facebook Page for Stalk Hop Friday!

We are all doing great here in California. I still miss Hawaii, I think I always will. I love the kids new school and they have fantastic teachers!!! Sissy had to do a little catching up in math thanks to Hawaii schools being a little behind but she is getting there! It took several months because we were on a waiting list, but they finally have ABA Therapy services going again! All adjusted and settled in.

I randomly decided to join in on the linky Randomness with Stacy, because why not and I love her blog!


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  1. You have been missed! Life always takes center stage, but I bet you'll find a happy medium, I'd love to have the opportunity to read you more often! ;) And Yes! Stalk Hop Friday would be something great to bring back - I'll happily co-host with you again if you want, just let me know! You could add Instagram on that list... :)

    So happy to hear you are all getting settled in nicely and that Sissy is getting caught up, too. Way to go being an online student - no wonder you're having trouble prioritizing, you're juggling a lot of balls in the air! :)

    Great to see you back - thanks so much for joining in the Random! :)


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