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Beware of Scams when looking for an online job....

I was sent an invitation to interview for a job on oDesk. The job was titled: PERSONAL ASSISTANT IS NEEDED FOR APPLICANTS IN NORTH AMERICA.
The message stated:
Our recruitment team viewed your resume published on (ODESK) and we are pleased with your qualifications,we believe you have the required qualifications to undergo an online interview.

To proceed with this PERSONAL ASSISTANT POSITION , you must undergo an online interview via yahoo messenger. You are required to have a yahoo instant messenger on your computer.

I want you to setup a yahoo messenger (IM) if you don't have one and Instant Message (Mr Darren Buckley) on his yahoo ID (darrenbuckley38@yahoo.com) As soon as possible for the interview so that you can get Started for the position.
Interview schedule: ASAP

Hope to read back from you as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,
Cass Kelly.

I was already a little skeptical about doing a interview via yahoo messenger, also the job description was very vague. However I went ahead and added the guy to my messenger contacts, what could it hurt...

The next day he messages me. The conversation is as follows:

darrenbuckley38: Hello
ME: Hello
darrenbuckley38: How are you doing today?
ME: Pretty good, how are you?
darrenbuckley38: I am doing good
darrenbuckley38: Are you ready for the Online interview?
ME: Yes
darrenbuckley38: Have you been interviewed online before?
ME: No, not yet
darrenbuckley38: Are you currently employed?
ME: No, I am a part time student
darrenbuckley38: Very well, let me proceed to introducing the company, the interview and what the job has to offer.
The name of the Company is Abacus Limited and our website is www.abacusuk.org
darrenbuckley38: I am Mr Darren Buckley (Personnel manager) for Abacus Ltd.Abacus Data Entry Limited is an independent, privately owned business that has been handling documents and data for over 30 years.It has always been our aim to provide a reliable and accurate service to our customers and that has resulted in an enviable reputation for the quality and reliability of our services. Our client base reflects our standing within the industry, some of our clients have been with us for 15 years and more, and include national and local government, insurance and financial institutions, motor and aircraft manufacturers, airline operators, major food retailers, charities, universities and many, many more.
ME: Great, sounds interesting
darrenbuckley38: This is strictly an Online and work from home job and pay is $20.00 hourly
Job Description:
Keep records of materials filed or removed, using log-books or computers.
Add new material to file records, and create new records as necessary.
Perform general office duties such as typing, operating office machines, and sorting mail. Track materials removed from files in order to ensure that borrowed files are returned. Sort or classify information according to guidelines such as content, purpose, user criteria, or chronological, alphabetical, or numerical order.
Can you handle the job duties?
ME: Yes, definitely
Working Equipment
The working equipment is the required material that is necessary for setting up your mini office. And these equipment include: HP Pavilion dv7t Quad Edition series Laptop Genuine Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, HP Office jet Pro 8500A Premium All-in-One (Fax, Scanner, Copier and Printer), the required Software (Peach Tree (US Patent 1 accounting software), The MYOB Essential software 2011, Real-Time Accounting Integration CRM Software and Quick-books 2011).
Regarding the working equipment, the company would provide you the funds that would be used for the purchase of these working equipment and the required software that is needed in setting up of your mini office
Next will be question and answer segment..Can we proceed?
ME: Yes, I am ready
darrenbuckley38: 1. Why do you want this Job?
2. Do you seek a Full time or Part time job?
3. Do you have a printer,scanner,photocopier and Fax machine?
4. How do you handle work under Pressure?
5. Do you have an idea of how to use Ms Excel?
6. What do you understand by privacy and Code of conduct?
7. What do you understand by the term "Petty Cash"?
8. What is your typing speed?
ME: ** I answered all his questions. **
darrenbuckley38: Good Response and Answer so far
1. How many hours are you willing to Work per day? (4hr Minimum per day or 40hrs Maximum per week)
2. What time range?
3. Payroll Interval? (Weekly or Bi-weekly)
4. Payroll Method (Check or bank transfer)
We  offer  $20  per  hour Plus Health,dental and Paid Vacation Benefits available also
5. What bank do you Operate with?
ME: Thank you
ME: ** I answered all his questions again, EXCEPT #5, why does that matter? **
ME: According to oDesk the position is based in the United States, but the Abacus website is UK? I prefer to work for a company in the US
darrenbuckley38: This is a work from Home Job and we have branches in the US but Our Head quarter is in Luton UK
ME: Okay, that is fine, I just wanted to clarify.
** Becoming even more skeptical at this point. **
darrenbuckley38: What Bank do you Operate with?
ME: I will be honest, I am not comfortable giving you any of my bank information. I do not feel that is relevant information to a job interview.
darrenbuckley38: No we do not need your banking information......All we want to know is the name of your Bank eg BOA,Chase,Wellsfrgo etc to make it easy for us to prepare your payroll
ME: I have more than one. I'm not sure at the moment which I would use. You offer paper checks in the mail also?  ** Just trying to get around the question at this point. **
darrenbuckley38: Yes
ME: A check in the mail works also
darrenbuckley38: Okay, please hold while i input this into your staff folder.

……… Many minutes later….

darrenbuckley38: Congratulations, You have been approved by the Company for start up.
You will undergo a 2 weeks online  training and orientation Online which will commence as soon as you have all working materials and you are rest assured that you will be paid for it okay ?
You will be getting your paper work a HR document during your orientation and training from your supervisor,you are to fill,sign and send back to us,we take out taxes okay ?
ME: Great
ME: is the 2 week training paid?
darrenbuckley38: Yes
darrenbuckley38: A Money Order/Check  will be issued and mail out to you for the purchase of the following  softwares that will be needed during your orientation and training.
* $100 For BS 1 Accounting software which is to be purchase This week.
* $100 For Peach Tree Software (US Patent Single Users Pack)
* You deduct $100 for your self as your sign on Bonus ( This is to Motivate staffs towards commencement )
* Transfer the remaining  to the Shipping agent to effect Shipping Logistics for your Equipments Listed above.( this is to be done via Western Union money Transfer or Money Gram )
ME: What will the total amount of the check be?
darrenbuckley38: That information will be given to you 8am tomorrow
darrenbuckley38: The Check/Money Order will be issued out Today and you should receive it Tomorrow  via fedex/Usps courier..I will Provide you with the tracking numbers for the package so you can track it and have the awareness of the delivery time by the courier.
Please i will be needing the following informations to complete your payroll on the administrative desk.
Your Fullname.........
Contact address.......
Home and cell phone #.....
Email address........
ME: I am sorry, this does not seem legit. I am unsure why you would send me money to buy software when you can just send me the software instead. Also I am very leery about accepting or cashing a money order.
darrenbuckley38: You have nothing to worry about
darrenbuckley38: This is a Legitimate company and we have a good name and history to protect.

** I did not respond again. **

Throughout the conversation I looked at the website he gave me and also started doing some searching. Sure enough I found a VERY similar case someone else blogged about: Job Hunting? Don't Get Scammed! and that is just the first link I clicked.....

What scams like this are after is they send you a check for too much money and you are supposed to deposit it and send the difference back to them. The check will bounce and you are left with all the fees and you loose the money you sent to them as well...

oDesk gives the option to flag a job as inappropriate, which I did. So hopefully it will quickly be taken down....


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