Tuesday, April 02, 2013

April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day
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If you didn't already know, both my children and I are Aspie's. We have Asperger's which is a form of High Functioning Autism. Today April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day (wear Blue today) and the month of April is Autism Awareness Month. Please help raise awareness, feel free to snag any of the following pictures and post them to Facebook or on your own blog.
 photo IammorethanAspergers_zps9f9616d5.jpg
 photo AprilToAutismwithlove_zpsca183064.jpg
 photo Aprilribbonside_zps6f61cbf0.png
 photo AprilLIUB2_zpsea046edf.jpg
 photo AprilEveryDay_zps2f1b73c3.jpg
 photo Aprilaware-1_zps70df9479.jpg
 photo AprilAutism_zps87e506e4.jpg
 photo April2-1_zpsa24f0675.jpg
 photo April2Tuesday_zps66d07074.jpg
 photo LIUBpuzzlebanner_zps492ef5f6.png
 photo LIUB_zpsdd9d6604.png
 photo LIUBbanner_zps05329bcf.png
 photo LIUB276X283_zpsbf6b3827.jpg
 photo lightitupicon_zpsdfbb32a7.jpg
 photo LightitupBlue-1_zps0cab0178.png
 photo bluelightbulb2_zps2ae3069b.jpg
 photo GoBlue_zpsf1bf06c4.jpg
 photo Worldhasissues_zps5fbcac10.jpg
 photo SupportAutism_zpscb5d6dbb.jpg
 photo Superpower_zps7b9d0c68.jpg
 photo ribbonside_zps66e86462.png
 photo puzzleribbonheart_zps36ea48f8.jpg
 photo puzzleheart-1_zps261133a9.png
 photo puzzlepiece_zps428bb187.jpg
 photo OneBubbleOneStepataTime_zps878cde97.png
 photo NoTypicalAutism_zps21d139d2.jpg
 photo nevermindmyAutism_zps10390b4b.jpg
 photo manners_zps5a38939a.jpg
 photo CherishtheChild_zpsba223905.png
 photo AwarenessBubbles_zpscfadc785.png
 photo AUTISM-1_zps45f8e1e7.jpg
 photo AutismRibbonBubble_zps6e1349ce.png
 photo Autismmushroom_zpsb38fcba9.png
 photo AutismMonth-1_zps62ebef00.png
 photo Autismisabout_zps7593af52.jpg
 photo AutismButterflyBubble_zps26158788.png
 photo autismawareness-1_zps260b8801.jpg
 photo aspiething_zpsf7c4352e.jpg
 photo AspieGirlsRibbon-1_zps2e230c0c.png
 photo AspieGirlsButterfly-1_zpse94d19af.png
 photo Aspergers_zps8966f2c7.png
 photo AspergerPuzzle-1_zps5bf128a7.png
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