Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Elf on the Shelf
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Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas) and Happy New Year!
Our "Elf on the Shelf" arrived on December 1st. We had a lot of fun with our elf Elmo! Goodbye Elmo, see you next year!

Day 1, riding on Rudolph, hanging from the ceiling fan

Day 2, squeezed himself into Santa's overalls on the clothesline

Day 3, hiding in the bamboo plant

Day 4 in the morning. He wanted some green milk and a cookie. I think he needed a break from the warm weather so he decided to hang out in the fridge.

Day 4, In the afternoon he decided to play with Booboo's toy cars and put a few stuffed animals in the window then did a trapeze act from the ceiling fan

Day 5, He invited a friend over during the night and decided to play tick-tac-toe on the bathroom mirror

Day 6, hiding on the shelf

Day 7, he left some "Elf Kisses" for the kids to get when they are good and played the the Christmas tic-tack-toe set. I wonder where Elf Kisses come from??

Day 8, pined up on the art board.... Is it wrong that I pined him to the wall by his arms and legs???

Day 9, he decided to deface the kids pictures with a dry-erase marker. I will admit, I had a little too much fun with this one. Especially making my adorable baby boy in the top left corner look like a punk, w/black eyeliner, piercings and a mohawk. The kids loved it!

Day 10, hiding in the tree

Day 11, caused mischief in Princess' room switching her dresser drawers around and turning things upside down. Then took a nap.

Day 13, he likes to be upside down

Day 14, atop a snowman totem pole!

Day 15, hanging from the (fake) mistletoe. Maybe he wants a kiss?

Day 16, he built a fort out of colored jenga blocks on the kitchen island!

Day 17, He used the blocks from his fort the day before to write his name

Day 17, riding on the snowman

Day 18, hanging out on Daddy's cover

Day 19, On the fridge with a marker! He left a note "Be good, Elmo's Watching"

Day 20, I think he's trying to get information out of the reindeer. Elf torture technique...

Day 21, Wanted to spend his last day on earth reading a nice Christmas book with his friends...
Whew!! It didn't happen!

Day 22, dreaming he was big enough to ride the motorcycle

Day 23, climbing the curtains

Day 24, last day here, he made a "sugar angel"

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  1. What a funny little elf! I am going to miss seeing what all the elves have been up to!

  2. You have certainly come up with so many interesting Elf On The Shelf ideas! Love them! Beautiful shots. I hope you have had a great Christmas Day.

  3. These are just too cute. They add a whole new element of fun to the holidays.


  4. What a FUN elf! I especially love the sugar angel!

  5. cute elf ideas. we got a little creative this year, but elf also didn't move a couple days, too! hope you guys had a nice christmas.


  6. Merry Christmas, and a Happy WW!


  7. He had to take a nap because he was worn out from being pinned to the board. buwahahahhaa

    Everything looks great and really fun!

  8. OMG! These are so FABulous!!! I love the defacing the kids pictures LOL...you did GREAT!

  9. I swear those elf's are the hottest thing this season!

  10. Happy New Year to you!

    It was so nice to see you at WW this weekend!

    I am thoroughly enjoying the antics of your naughty elf (the "shoe" elf in the previous post ahd that first photo had me in hysterics!)

    I hope to see more of you in the New Year. Please join us for Friendship Friday & share your resolutions with us!

    Create With Joy


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