Saturday, October 20, 2012

"No Poo" For Me - No More Shampoo!

I have not used shampoo since February and my hair has never been healthier, smoother and less frizzy!

If you begin searching online you will find a lot of different methods for going "No Poo" (Shampoo Free). First off, let me tell you my hair type, because when I first started searching that was the one thing I wanted to know. What works for women with hair like mine?

My hair is very long (middle of my back), naturally curly w/ tight frizzy curls, yet I have thin hair. Also I color my hair regularly and I never use a blow dryer. I live in a humid climate, which also has a lot to do with how hair behaves.

The first method I heard about is the backing soda method. A friend of mine swore by it so I gave it a try for about a week and it didn't work for my hair at all. My hair felt dirty, straw like and was difficult to comb through after washing. Maybe I didn't mix it right right, maybe it's due to the humid climate I live in or that method just isn't compatible with my hair type. Who knows, so I searched some more.

Next I tried Wen Cleansing Conditioner. Which I had thought about trying in the past but was always reluctant due to the high cost and not being able to buy it in a store. I gave it a try for a few months it worked fine on my hair and I noticed some improvement with frizz and manageability. However it wasn't enough of an improvement for me to justify the cost and deal with the inconvenience of ordering it through the mail.

With Wen, I was no longer using a shampoo. Wen is referred to as a conditioner not a shampoo. Which gave me an idea. Why go back? Do I really need shampoo?
For me, that answer is NO. So I searched for ways to clean hair with just conditioner and this is what I found: Washing Hair with Conditioner: A Shampoo Alternative?

I will never go back to using Shampoo again!
I use a cheep conditioner to wash my hair and a good higher-end conditioner (still grocery store brand) to condition. For the cheep conditioner I prefer Suave, I have also tried VO5. I think it's best to experiment and try different brands for both the cheep & good conditioners until you find a combination that works best for your hair type. Not only does my hair look and fee better but I am also saving money because I no longer have to pay for shampoo!




  1. I've never tried Wen but it sounds fabulous!

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