Sunday, September 09, 2012

Moving Tips
"Ask Mrs. Marine"

Dear Mrs. Marine,
How do you to transition through a move smoothly? I'm not sure if we are moving this fall or next summer, but I'd like to get a little head start on keeping things orderly. The last move was a mess (my first move with hubs). So if you could share your tips that would be great! Like how can you find a job ahead of time so when you get there you won't be stressed looking for a job? Is there any military spousal support to help you find a job? How do you deal with these moves?

~Moving tips?

Dear Moving Tips,
First important thing to always remember, smile at the lady you see in the mirror and keep your important papers with you! Moving can be stressful, unfortunately there is no sure fire way around that. However, there are simple things you can do to make the move go more smoothly!
Lists are a great way to keep organized. Make a list for everything and label all your boxes thoroughly. Get a PO Box at your new duty station to forward your mail to (unless you already have a house). Also, you can mail items ahead of time in packages to the PO Box to save space in suitcases.
To find a job, check the base website for an employment section to see what jobs are currently available. Also, call the base Human Resources office to see if you are able to mail in your application so you can get the ball rolling before you arrive.



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  1. I have one universal method for moving - use colors for each box.

    If you create a color for each room, you’ll find moving your boxes into your new home much easier than if you just wrote the name of the room on it :)


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