Monday, August 13, 2012

Living Apart, supporting two households
"Ask Mrs. Marine"

Dear Mrs. Marine,
I am a newly-wed Marine wife, and am seeking advice as to my options for benefits: Due to the great expense of my chosen degree, I am continuing to attend college in (another state), despite my husband being stationed in North Carolina. Since we will be living apart, he would have to move off base to receive BAH and try to support two households with the allotted amount. This does not seem like it would be in our best interest. Is there a benefit, program, etc. that I (as a spouse) am entitled to that would cover my housing expenses even though we don't live together (like a spousal "housing allowance")? If so, what is it's name?

Any info would be much appreciated! Thank you!

(asked via email)

Dear Ashley,
A Marine who is a Geo (Geographic) Bachelor does not rate a room in the barracks as per Marine Corps Order. If there is room in the barracks for the Geo-Bachelors, the command may give the Marines rooms. The BAH (Housing Allowance) is given to Married Marines for that Marine and his/her spouse and kids (if applicable) to live out in town or in Base Housing (which, the allowance is then deducted). The spouse living elsewhere is by choice and not put into consideration by the Military regardless of the reason.

Most areas offer comparable accommodations being it employment or schooling, therefore, is not a viable excuse for living apart. There is no program and no extra money allotted to a Married Marine for housing to accommodate such a living condition. Most Geo-Bachelors get together and get an apartment or house for rent, sharing the cost of housing and giving the excess to their spouse whom has conscientiously made a choice to not live in the same place. These Geo-Bachelors take up room in the already cramped barracks which is not fair to the single Marines whom do not get paid BAH and should be afforded more room then the Marines whom are getting paid to NOT live in the Barracks.

I'm sorry if this seemed a little harsh and it's not the answer you were hoping for. I asked my husband to confirm the answer and this exactly what he told me. Good luck.



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