Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Finally; ABA Therapy for Sissy!!!

It only took 4 months, lots of jumping through hoops, lots of phone calls and appointments to finally get the correct referrals which one doctor refused to give because she didn't agree with the diagnosis my daughter was already given....

Last Monday, Sissy started ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) Therapy! Booboo began ABA Therapy last August. Sissy was officially diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome the beginning of March, but it took until now to get all the referrals done because one doctor wouldn't give them...

My daughter was tested and diagnosed by Dr. C, through an office outside of the Military hospital. I did not originally know that Dr. C could put in the referral for ABA Services, nor did Dr. C know she could either... So, I took Sissy's diagnosis report back to a Dr. F at the Military hospital. Assuming that once Dr. F saw the report she would put the referrals in the system no problem, all done...

NOPE, Dr. F wanted to be difficult, despite the report in her hand in clear writing she didn't agree with the diagnosis. Dr. F had barley spent any time with my daughter and only observed her in a classroom setting a few times and met with her in her office a few times. She wanted to do more testing... Reluctantly I agreed and after more testing and waiting Dr. F decided all of Sissy's symptoms were due to ADHD...

Which left me completely frustrated and back at square one... Or so I thought.

I called the wonderful ladies at the Military EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program, which both my kids are in) and FINALLY learned that Dr. C could put in the referral for ABA Services!!! I wish I had known this to begin with.. At least its finally done!

Sissy now has ABA skills trainers working with her 5 days a week! Starting tomorrow she will begin going to Group like her brother does which makes Wednesday's SOOO much easier and less stressful for me! --see previous post--


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