Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Why I Don't Like Wednesdays

I rarely look forward to Wednesdays, it's always a long tedious day with lots of driving. Both of my kids schools have half days every Wednesday and every Wednesday (unless I cancel it) my son goes to "Group" for 4 hours in another city across the island 30 minutes away.

This is the schedule:
I try to plan a crock pot meal so my husband doesn't have to cook dinner, which I will get going before I leave. Otherwise we would plan something quick for Hubby to cook (he is a good cook, but it needs to be quick in case he gets home from work late). I need to find more crock pot recipes we like... When Hubby is gone, me and the kids would get fast food for dinner... Not the greatest I know...

I leave my house at 11:45 to go get in the pick-up car line at Sissy's school. Although school isn't out until 12:30 I have to get there early to be in the front of the line. Otherwise I am late getting to Booboo's school (yes, he is at a different school, this is why) which gets out at 1:00. It takes about 10 minutes to drive from one school to the other. I can't do the car line at Booboo's school, I have to go to his classroom, which isn't a big deal, just more in and out of the car.

Then we drive the 30 minutes to group. Which is from 1:30-5:30, we are usually a few minutes late, but they know the situation. I get there as fast as I can... Sissy and I drop Booboo off at group and then we get to hang out for 4 hours... It's too far of a drive to go back home and we would get stuck in traffic coming back.

What is Group:
Booboo has ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Therapy to help with his Asperger's. He works with a skills trainer 5 days a week. Mon, Tues, Thur & Fri they come to the house. Wed we go to the office so he is in a group with other kids. He still gets his own one-on-one skills trainer. The group is very helpful so they can work on his social behaviors.

What do Sissy and I do for FOUR hours:
There in lies the difficulty. Her homework comes first. We usually sit in the car while she does homework. It's a mini-van, and I keep one of the center seats stored away so she has plenty of room to sit comfortably on the floor with a small table. We tired sitting at a nearby Starbucks but its too distracting and noisy. Plus there is not always an available table. Not to mention I don't need to buy Starbucks EVERY week. Sometimes I do, but not always. Homework takes at least an hour.

Then what???
There is a Kmart near by, along with lots of other stores. So sometimes we run errands, but she gets bored quickly and running errands means spending money... So I don't go in unless I need something. It's too tempting otherwise. It's a good thing I'm not a "Shopaholic".
We spend most of the time hanging out in the car. I take Sissy's DS and some of her chapter books and my Kindle for me.

Just before 5:30 we go pick-up Booboo and head home. We get home a little after 6:00 PM have dinner and then its time for the kids to get ready for bed.

Booboo's Birthday falls on a Wednesday, so I will be canceling the session that day. I want to spend time with him on his Birthday!


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