Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Peeping Tom
~ Wordless Wednesday ~ Link-up

I feel so violated... For over a week now every time I take a shower there is someone peeking in at me... She walks back and forth between the curtains peeking in at one end then the other.
I have intentionally splashed a bit of water on her when she sticks her head and it doesn't seem to faze her. One night after I gave my son a bath she was sitting in the wet tub.
She has a growing fascination with water... One of these days she may just jump in the shower with me. However I am afraid she wont like it and in her hast to get out I will be quite vulnerable to her claws standing there naked...

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  1. After my kiddos take a bath it's always a game to watch and see if the cat will jump in the tub before it's finished emptying. His inhibitions are long gone.

  2. Your cat needs therapy. That is so rude. Although i can relate.

  3. Oh that's hilarious! Our cat keeps stalking the tub, too - I'm hoping she doesn't fall in and leave a trail of claw marks on tender skin. ;)

    Angry Birds: Space Needle

  4. So precious. I love the way she looks at you (the camera?). So innocent and sweet - and so not, too! ;)

  5. that is funny! My dogs are long gone at the sound of the water!
    Happy WW & I am your newest follower, please come over and follow me back!!

    xoxo, bree

  6. My dog always tries to lick the splashed water when I'm showering. It drives me nuts. :)

  7. thats so cute she is just curious!!!!


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