Sunday, March 11, 2012

Gloomy Days... Asperger's Update

Hubby is gone training, again, apparently real world experience during a 7 month deployment isn't enough... It's only for a month, hopefully he will be back in time for my birthday on April 5th.

It has been raining and gloomy for the last week... Several nights it decided to pour rain and thunder in the middle of the night which wakes up my poor Booboo. Then he cant get back to sleep until it stops... Tomorrow officially begins Spring Break! Hopefully the weather will improve so we can get outside.

Sissy was re-tested for the 3rd time in December and she has finally been officially diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. Which means I can now get her the services she needs to help her reach her full potential. To hopefully teach her to learn how to focus better and control herself. She is very disruptive at school and I am hoping to get the school to provide a one-on-one teacher's aid for her. Also she currently has a 504 plan which will probably be changed to an IEP which will allow for more services.

I also hope to get ABA (applied behavior analysis) Therapy started for her soon. I just have to wait for all the insurance paperwork to get done...

My son has been doing ABA for about 6 months now. He gets 12 hours a week after school, mostly at home except Wednesdays when we go to the center so he is in a group with other kids. The ABA has really helped him a lot and he likes his "teacher's".


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  1. I am convinced my oldest may have Asperger's, but he's 19 and has learned to deal. (they didn't test for that when he was little) I put him in Karate when he was 3 - it taught him self control, self discipline, focus, and more. You might consider that for your sweet children. If anything, it will burn some excess energy. :-) He was in Karate until 6th grade when we moved. He has a black belt and would probably have stayed in Karate if we had a dojo close by... Now he is in college, is very focused, and is doing very well. There is a light at the end of the tunnel...


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