Thursday, February 09, 2012

I miss my winter clothes

I know, that sound completely ridiculous and your laughing at me right now!
We all have our favorite shirts for every season throughout the year. Think about your favorite winter outfit... Now, what if you didn't get to wear that outfit for 3 years. Would you miss it?
This marks my 3rd Fall/Winter season spent here in Hawaii. I love it here, I do, but every year I miss Fall more and more. I DO NOT miss snow, except for on Christmas Day. I miss the changing orange leaves, the cooler weather, a change in seasons.

I want to wear a long sleeve shirt or a soft fuzzy sweater, a pair of jeans and my toe socks!!! I want to be able to dress my daughter in pretty sweaters and my son it cute hoodies!
It's quite possible this will be our last winter here and next year I will have to suffer through the cold and get to wear my winter clothes again. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. LOL! It does make me kinda sad that my kids have yet to experience snow. My son has never seen snow and my daughter was too young to really remember.



  1. What?! I think your crazy (I swear I mean that in a nice way!) I love the weather here in Hawaii :)

  2. I've lived in CA my whole life, so I've never really got to experience REAL seasons! We'll be moving to Virginia this year though, so I'm super excited!

  3. The LAST thing I ever want to need is my winter close again. I would so love to have the weather you have year round.
    I will admit that I miss my beautiful leather coat with the fuzzy lining, but not enough to want to wear it. ;)

  4. Well I'm still wearing mine. Come on down by me you won't miss the anymore we're expecting threee to four inches of snow. Have a great weekend.


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