Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ask Mrs. Marine - Moving to Hawaii

Dear Mrs. Marine,
My husband and I will be moving to Hawaii soon, I’m excited and a little nervous. We received our orders last week and are on the housing list already, but we are also thinking about moving off base. We have been through this situation before, deciding where we should live, on base, off base? In the process we have found that living off base, although can be somewhat of a hassle (looking for an affordable, close to base, & livable place) we have always saved way more money by doing this.
-Moving to Hawaii

Dear Moving,
That’s great that you are already on the housing list, that’s the first step once you get orders. Our last duty station we chose to live off base. After that experience, I personally prefer to live on base where I am surrounded by the Military community. However, everyone has their own preference.
Whether or not you will save money living off base depends a lot on the cost of living in that area. In Hawaii, it’s high, so you will want to try to shop at the Commissary instead of civilian grocery stores, which makes being close to the base essential.
You need to weigh all your options and make the decision that suites you and your husband best. Keep your eye on houses for rent and check things out once you arrive. Your household goods won’t arrive for a while so you have some time to decide.



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