Monday, January 31, 2011

Social Anxiety

I feel so stupid. I wish I could change this about myself. Why is it so hard for me to approach someone and just say "hello".

Last week I "attempted" to attend a Parent Coffee Hour for the EFMP (explained in this post), outside the Starbucks on base. I went last month and met 3 other women who were there, one of which I expected to see again this month. Well, she wasn't there.
I thought I recognized one of the women that was at last month's meeting, sitting at a table talking with a 2 other people. But I wasn't totally sure if it was her or not.
So, after Booboo and I went inside Starbucks to get me a iced coffee and him a large piece of chocolate chip banana bread (so good), I decided to sit at a empty table next to them.
I was really hoping the woman would remember me or Booboo and invite us over to their table. But that didn't happen. So I kept waiting, for a break in the conversation where I could go over and ask if they were there for the Coffee Hour. But I couldn't seem to make myself go over to the table.
And the longer I sat there the more stupid I felt for not walking up to them in the first place...
After about 45 minutes, Booboo was long done with his banana bread and getting restless, my coffee was gone, so I just gave up and left. I wasted my time, my money (I wouldn't have gone into Starbucks otherwise) and made myself feel really stupid in the process... 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Military Exceptional Family Member Program

I recently learned that both of my kids qualify for the EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program) due to my daughter's ADHD and my son having Asperger's. I am still in the process of enrolling them and learning what all the program has to offer.

The EFMP is for Family members with special medical and/or educational needs.
The EFMP has two very important components, the first being Family Support and the second being Assignment Coordination.

In the future it will help to ensure we get stationed somewhere where whatever services we need for the kids are available nearby. Also, I have heard the program will helps us get housing faster. Which is great considering my son does not do well with change.
He was 2 when we moved here and he did fairly well. He will be 5 when we leave and I am already worried about how he will handle it. He get's upset and distressed now when I re-arrange the furniture in his room...

I wish the program could stop my husband from Deploying...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Stalk Hop Friday"
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Welcome to my New "Stalk Hop Friday"! It's hosted at: Mrs. Marine and the Tiny Troops, Novel Bloggers, Two Peas in a Pie, and Aspergian Tales! This one is a little different from the usual, instead of just following on Google Friend Connect (GFC), each week the "Follow Theme" will rotate to something different! There will be two linky's each week, one for the Theme and one for GFC! So everyone has a chance to participate!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Booboo Wearin Daddy's Cover

A "Cover" is what the Marine's call their hat.
Darn camera, again, the date is wrong...

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Blogging Tips:
Comment Forms - Say NO to CAPTCHA

First off, Please, I'm begging you all, turn off Captcha!!! Disable Captcha for blog comments!! "Like" the Say "NO" to Comment Captcha Facebook Page!

What is Captcha or Word Verification: (Definition from Wikipedia) A CAPTCHA or Captcha is a type of challenge-response test used in computing as an attempt to ensure that the response is not generated by a computer.

So, unless your having problems with spam and you think a computer is generating the spam, then what do you need captcha for? Want a second opinion? Click Here!
It's really annoying when I fill out the log-in info, click "Post Comment", I assume I'm done at this point, but NO the form refreshes and then the Captcha shows up, its a little easier when its at least there to begin with....

If your having problems with spam then you can simply moderate your comments. With this setting, comments will not be posted until you give the OK.
Also, require users to sign-in, do not allow anonymous comments.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Limoges Factory .com

Do you know what Limoges boxes are? I didn’t until recently. I have seen these lovely little boxes and figurines before in stores and such, but I never knew they had a specific name.
If I’m not mistaken I think my grandma had one or two of the more traditional ones.

I am amazed at all the different categories of Limoges boxes! There is literally one for any object you could think of! From animals, to plants, food, games, even electronics.

Amazing Finds from the Amazing Music Box Co.

I love music boxes! It brings back memories from when I was little; I always loved sifting through the jewelry and trinkets in my mom and grandmothers music boxes.

I had my very own music box when I was little. It was white with light pink felt inside and when opened had a little ballerina that spun around! It now belongs to my daughter.

The Amazing Music Box Co. has a wide variety of beautiful music boxes to fit any occasion and a music box definitely makes a treasured gift for anyone!
There are too many I like to pick a favorite, but this one, is just too cool:

Friday, January 21, 2011

"Stalk Hop Friday" #1 Follow on Facebook

Stalk Hop Friday

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Welcome to my New "Stalk Hop Friday"! This one is a little different from the usual, instead of just following on Google Friend Connect (GFC), each week the "Follow Theme" will rotate to something different! There will be two linky's, one for the Theme and one for GFC so pay attention! With two, everyone has a chance to participate even if your not on Twitter, *gasp*!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Ginger's Throne

Ignore the date at the bottom of the picture, its wrong, I hate it when that happens...

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hubby's Away Again.....

I have lost count of the number of training field ops Hubby has had over the last 9 years (wow, hes really been in for 9 years. He hit that mark in December). When he goes to the field the time has ranged from 3 days to 6 weeks depending on what hes doing and where he has to go. What stinks about being in Hawaii is they cant do much training here. They have to go other places which requires them to be gone longer. But, it also means they don't go as often...

He just had one a few months ago and now he's gone again... 6 weeks this time. He has been busy since he got there and hasn't been able to call much. He was able to call last night and talk to the kids before they went to bed. Booboo said to him "Daddy come back"

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Follow / Aloha "Friday" - Do you use Coupons?

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This Weeks Question:
Do you use coupons?

A: I do not cut out coupons, we dont even get a regular news paper or anything that has them in it, but if I see them hanging in the store for something I want then I will definitely grab it and use it then. Sometimes I get coupons inside packaging and I will also "try"to use those if I remember to take them to the store with me, and remember to give them to the cashier....

What's Aloha Friday? It all started at An Island Life In Hawaii, Friday is the day to relax and take it easy. So, I take it easy on posting!

Blogging Tips: Blogger Profile & Replying to Comments

I recently wrote a post about updating your Google Profile to ensure that there are links to your blog, etc. so others can find and follow you.

For those same reasons its just as important to keep your Blogger Profile up to date, even if the Blogger Profile widget (example at left) is not on your blog. Remember, whenever you use Blogger to sign in when leaving a comment your user name will link back to your Blogger Profile Page.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Princess Driving an Armored Truck!

She's not actually driving, she cant even reach the peddles. Oops, the camera had the wrong date again it should read 12/?/2010...

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Blogging Tips: What's on your Google Profile?

When you Follow another blog, a majority of people use their Google profiles to do so. I was looking through my followers the other day and I noticed with a lot of them I have no idea who they are... I would click the little icon and be taken to a Google profile page with just a name and a picture, nothing more. Most of the blogs I visit, maybe I know your first name, but rarely do I know your last name. So with just a name I have no way of knowing what blog they have to follow them back, or to know who they are.

Can your blog be found from your Google Profile?

Check out my Google Profile and see what mine looks like. Here is a blogging tip from me:
Make sure you check out your own Google Profile and assuming you want others to find your blog, update it if needed! Add links to your blog, etc. so others can find you!
How to: If your already signed in to Google/Blogger,

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sensitivity to Noise

My son has always had a dislike for loud noises, now it all makes since why, I didn't know then...

When he was an infant I couldn't vacuum my house without him crying. Many times I put him in one of those carriers that you strap to the front of you while I vacuumed (it was the only time I ever used that carrier), he was fine if he was being held, he felt safe and not afraid.

When he was about a year old, my daughter was in preschool and the school would have award presentations and performances for the parents to attend. At certain times during the performance, all the kids in the room would get loud singing, or saying the school pledge and my son would get upset and cry because it was too loud and he didn't like it. I would have to leave the room and go wait it out in the hall with him until it quieted down, causing me to miss whatever was going on and feel guilty.

He hates when it rains hard because of the noise, he used to cry every time it rained hard. We have a two story house and the bedrooms are upstairs. It rains often where we live and there have been many late nights when it begins to rain and he wakes up crying. A while ago I started telling him that it rains because the plants and trees are thirsty, they need a drink, it is slowly beginning to help and he is getting better. Now when it rains during the day he is usually ok, its mostly at night that he gets upset.

He comments on loud noises all the time, covers his ears and depending on how loud it is, sometimes gets upset. He notices noises I don't. 

Friday, January 07, 2011

Follow Me / Aloha "Friday" - Are your lights up?

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Aloha Friday
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This Weeks Question:
Are your Holiday Decorations still up?

A: We took ours down already, and the only reason why is, Hubby is leaving for training next week and so either we took them down early, I take them down by myself, or leave them up until the end of February when he gets back... The outside lights on the roof was the main part I could not do by myself. It's kind of annoying me now that my neighbors still have their decorations up... Mine are down, theirs should be too.

What's Aloha Friday? It all started at An Island Life In Hawaii, Friday is the day to relax and take it easy. So, I take it easy on posting!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Manipulating Twitter?

I get emails from Twitter when I have a new follower. Whenever I do, I log on to my Twitter account and check out my new followers and usually I follow back. But there are times when I look at my new followers and the person I got the email about is no longer there.
For example, I get an email saying "@MrsMarine is now following you on Twitter", I could click the link in the email, but I prefer to go onto Firefox to log on Twitter where I click through to look at my followers. The newest follower will always be at the top right? Well, there are times when I get the email about "MrsMarine", then look and their not there in my Followers list....? Has this happened to you? Why don't we get emails when someone un-follows?

I figure there are a couple scenarios that could lead to this happening:

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Cute Boy!

I love this picture of my little Booboo! He looks like he's bald, but he just has really blond hair and had just had it shaved shortly before this picture was taken. He's 3 1/2 and still wears a bib... Mostly because he INSISTS on having it on every time he eats. If I try to tell him he doesn't need a bib, he argues and gets mad. So, why fight him, it keeps my floors cleaner!

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Monday, January 03, 2011

Finally Back to Normal

I like a routine, I do well with a routine and schedule. So do my kids. So, when Princess is off school and Hubby is home and we had a house guest for a week and a half, IT THROWS ME OFF! And my nerves start to go...
I am used to having time by myself during the day and it being just me and Booboo in the house. It's so much quieter when its just the two of us during the day. I love my daughter and my husband, but they both like to push my buttons; my daughter in a defiant way, my husband in a playful (he just likes to pick at me), way. I feel guilty saying it, but I'm looking forward to having them both out of the house during the day. Hubby went back to work today and school starts again tomorrow.