Wednesday, December 07, 2011

I'm Sorry I Abandoned You..

I have great news!!
Our 8th deployment is over!!! Hubby got home two weeks ago!!
I'm sorry I have been MIA a lot the last few months... It wasn't intentional, however I do somewhat blame my recent addiction to Facebook games... LOL! I just haven't been in the writing mood, call it writer's block I guess. Also, with Hubby being home the last two weeks I haven't had as much free time on the computer either...
I will warn you, I probably wont get back to posting frequently until after the new year. Hubby is about to go on leave (time off work)!!! Also, the kids will be on Christmas break!!! We plan to do some fun family outing!!!



  1. Yay!! I was just coming over here to send you a message to make sure you're all right! Looks like you're more than all right... ;) LOVE that picture, and WooHoo! your hubby's home for Christmas!! :) Enjoy yourself - family absolutely comes first. :)

  2. Yay!!! What a wonderful picture... So glad you guys are together!!!! Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday season..... :)

  3. So wonderful for you and the kids enjoy Christmas together as a family!


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