Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Booboo's in Preschool!!! FINALLY

Finally after many meetings, lots of paperwork, many months waiting and wondering; Booboo has an IEP (Individualized Education Program) and he is in an inclusion Preschool classroom. An inclusion class has some "Special Education" kids and some "neuro-typical" kids. His primary reason for getting Special Education services is his difficulty with social skills and that when he was observed in a classroom a few months ago he wouldn't speak, at all.

His first day of school was Halloween! Unfortunately he is going to a different school from Sissy. Her school didn't have an opening in there inclusion class. So, since I cant be in two places at once to get my kids too and from school, Booboo is riding the school bus, which he absolutely loves!! In fact yesterday he had an appointment after school so I picked him up and he was upset that I was there and he didn't get to ride the bus. LOL! He loves school and is doing great!
A complete 180 from being at the daycare center where he wasn't talking.... Once he gets to school in the morning it takes him a bit to warm up and then he doesn't stop talking!! However, just like his sister at that age, he talks so much and yet when I ask him about his day and what he did at school, the response is "I don't know"....??? I don't get it, it's like pulling teeth to get any information out of him about school...



  1. That is so great that you got him into school with an IEP. I know from the kids I used to work with that getting an IEP can be an absolute nightmare sometimes. I love that picture! He looks so proud of himself.

  2. How awesome! I'm glad he's really enjoying his new school and talking it up with his new friends.

  3. thanks for the inspiration.. my 4-year old son who has high-functioning autism will be transitioning from sped class to playgroup class next week. that is a big deal for me and my husband. and yes, the rest of our families too.. wish us luck. ;-)


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