Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sitting at Starbucks - Booboo's School Update

Yes, at Starbucks is when I find time to blog, LOL!
I have been MIA for so long now. I just haven't had much time. When I do have free time to myself, I just want to veg on the couch and not have to think...
I have not been visiting other blogs either and yet, there are those of you who still come visit me and read the rare posts I write. For that I thank you!! I love my loyal readers!
Hopefully soon I will have more time and I will get back on the "blogging wagon".

So, you ask, what am I doing at Starbucks? Well, Booboo is doing Group ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) Therapy which is at a place 45 minutes from home. I don't participate in the group, I just drop him off. It's 4 hours long. It's too far and gas is too expensive to drive back home so, I have time to waist. By myself, which is nice, so, here I am. AND I HAVE COFFEE!!!

Since we started the Group ABA I have pulled Booboo out of the day care center. He was there for 5 weeks total. He never said a word when I was not there and I felt the teachers there were unintentionally contributing to him not talking. I knew he would benefit more from the Group ABA than the day care center.

Tomorrow I FINALLY have a meeting with the Elementary school to find out there decision whether or not they find him eligible for the Special Education Preschool class. Hopefully they do. That would be the best thing for him; to be in a regular classroom 5 days a week.



  1. nice to see things are moving in the right direction. too bad about the day care, though...where was he going? sometimes they are so busy that they tend to "ignore" instead of help. we've experienced the same. hope all is well.


  2. hey thanks for stoppin by, following you back now! :)

  3. I remember those days when my son was your "Boo Boo's " age. Our son was in 1st grade when he was officially diagnosed with High-functioning Autism, prior to that it was all trial and error learning and teaching. Presently, he is 14 1/2 and everyday is a blessing. He definitely has benefited from all the therapies and of course his hard work and tons of support. Thanks for sharing your stories with us :)... Love Love Love the ACES program that our son is involved with right now! He has socially benefited.


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