Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Booboo's Update: First day of "School"

We have had a lot going on over the last month... I've been driving back and forth across the island to appointments for Booboo and myself. I'm not used to the go go go, it used to be I only had to worry about getting Sissy to school during the week and Booboo and I didn't have much going on during the day. Maybe we would run an errand (usually on base) one day during the week, but that was it.
So, the go go go drives me crazy! I've been physically and emotionally exhausted.

The last week of August Booboo started in the part time afternoon class at the day care center on base. We call it school, he goes Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1-5. He seems to like it and wants to go. However.

He has been there 7 days total so far and has yet to speak a word when I am not there. He talks to me when I am there and says by to the teachers before we leave but the rest of the time, he doesn't talk at all. I guess its his way of dealing with the whole overwhelming situation. The question is, how long will it last? What is the difference between being shy and being a "selective mute"?

I'm also still working with the Elementary school to hopefully get him into a Special Education Preschool class (the only Preschool they have). They wanted to evaluate him in a classroom, which was done just last week in a actual Preschool classroom different from where he usually is. Again, he didn't speak a word until I came back in the room.
The ironic thing is, part of the reason they did the classroom observation is to evaluate his pragmatic language... I guess that part didn't work out.

Now I'm waiting to hear what they decide.

Also the last week of August Booboo started doing ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) Therapy. Which I believe is always recommended for any kid on the Autism Spectrum. It's in the mornings at our house three times a week. His therapist it great!



  1. I'm glad you like your ABA therapist! We loves both of ours. Just FYI, if Booboo is having sensory issues, he may need some OT. My youngest started a month ago, and I can already see a difference. What they were doing in his preschool wasn't enough. It is covered under Tricare if a doc prescribes it. Speech therapy is too. Yes, we spend several hours a week in therapy, but it's so worth the hard work we're putting in now to hopefully be Kindergarten ready for next fall.

  2. He sounds a little shy..I'd give it a month for him to warm up =)

  3. good luck for ur lil one and you.
    and by the way i like ur banner with the M&M's great work.

  4. Coming here thru VB

    Cute boy. Could be that he is just a bit shy?

  5. BooBoo looks so adorable! I'm sure that he will do better soon once he gets used to being there and you will get used to the running around - NOT! It will only get worse once they are teenagers. =)

    The Shewbridges of Central Florida


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