Monday, August 01, 2011

Sissy's first day of 3rd Grade!! It SHOULD also be Booboo's first day of Preschool....

Today was my little girl's first day of 3rd grade! Her 3rd (and probably last) year of school here in Hawaii as well... It's crazy how fast summer went by, but in a way it's good, with Hubby gone, I need time to fly. She was so excited this morning!

The Preschool problem:
There is a Head Start Preschool program on base. The end of February I filled out the application for enrollment online (like your supposed to). In April I finally heard back from them and had a meeting to fill out paperwork. I found out we are slightly over the income requirement to be enrolled, however because my son has Asperger's and needs the socialization we could get a waiver and be enrolled! Great!
Waited and waited and heard nothing.

Right at the end of the school year I called (again) to find out what was going on and was told I had to have Booboo denied special education services from the Elementary school in order to get the waiver... UGH. Literally at the last second; on the last day of school I got the meeting to do so.
Waited, waited, and waited some more, left messages and never got a call back.

All summer long I waited and wondered, when I did speak to someone it was always, "were still making enrollment decisions and should know next week".... Booboo's Psychologist even made a call to them on his behalf.
One week ago I was told he did not get in. One week before school started... I called and told the Psychologist and he called them again, then called me back. He asked me if I had heard from Head Start, Nope. He was told that Booboo is on the Wait List....
I have left two messages since and still have not heard back. I don't know how long this "Wait List" is or anything...

I am so EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED... He NEEDS to be in Preschool because he NEEDS to socialize with kids his own age without me there as his crutch. He needs the school environment.

I waited all summer and counted on him getting in and they didn't bother to tell me he wasn't until the last minute (when I called them). They left me High and Dry with no time to find anything else. This is the only program I can find that isn't outrageously expensive (which I'm sure all those have a waiting list anyway). Even if I found another Preschool I'm sure its full as well because school already started...
Sissy is in school on base, so in order to get them both to school on time I would have to have a school that is nearby or starts much later.

I don't know what to do.



  1. my son started today as well. sorry to hear about your son's schooling. what base/area are you in? there's a preschool in mililani that still has their enrollment sign up and may have spaces open. it's a nice school, and they sound flexible.


  2. I know it wouldn’t even be close to the same but maybe you could start a play group on base with other parents and children BooBoos age. Then you guys could allow the kids to play together and get to know each other and even go on little outings together. At least it would be a way for him to socialize with other kids. You could also look for groups in your area or activities that may not cost too much that he could get involved with. Where I live the library has activates weekly for kids. Do a search for playgroups on Google. This is a websites you could check out, but there are many more. You might even check into the YMCA or the United Way for early childhood development programs I don’t know if any of those would be an option.

  3. Um, I'm not sure how HI works, but here in PA, that's illegal. Once a child is determined to have special needs, the school district is required to provide or find a classroom for them. I suggest checking the Wright's Law website. I went through a similar situation with the intermediate unit here who deals with the kids ages 3-5. They determined my youngest needed speech services, and the evaluator recommended a full eval for autism. I never heard boo after that and had to call the director of the program and explain that at the very least that the fact that they were not providing speech services was illegal. It's amazing how fast they moved after that.

  4. Geeeez.... Sorry to hear about that. I bet that's crazy frustrating.... Good for you, though..... Sounds like you're really fighting the battle for your little one. Early intervention is so crucial... I have an older brother who wasn't diagnosed w/ aspergers until his mid-30's. He is deaf as well & I believe all of his doctors/ teachers/ etc were thrown off by the fact that he was deaf & no one recognized the aspergers. Anyways, I sure hope you're able to find a solution for your sweet little one. Let's pray that he gets off that waiting list as soon as possible!

  5. Yay for sissy, she looks so cute! I'm so sorry about BooBoo! Crossing fingers for you!!

  6. Good morning! Yay for school ~ it truly is the most wonderful time of the year! LOL
    I am a center director for Head Start and if he has been diagnosed with Asperger's the public school has to serve him. They can't deny him services once he "qualifies". Good luck to you and your family!
    Newest follower from the hop

  7. O wow!!! That's crap! They need to allow students who have 'needs' in BEFORE kids with financial qualifications! Good Luck! Your newest follower from the "Boost my blog" hop.

  8. You guys start so early out there. Here on Long Island my daughter starts Kindergarten on September 7th. But I think we all get out later, too. And we get a lot of different week long breaks. And we have snow to contend with here......maybe I should move to Hawaii. If only.....
    Good luck with the preschool debacle. I'd definitely be checking into the laws out there, seems rather fishy to me!
    Visiting from vB and our Members to Remember!


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