Saturday, July 30, 2011

2 Years in Hawaii

On this day, 2 years ago, after a very long day of travel, we arrived on this beautiful Island. We were greeted with rain, so our drive from the airport to base wasn't very scenic.
I have only left the Island once to go "home" to Colorado for a brief weekend to go to a wedding. The kids haven't left at all and obviously Hubby has left quiet a few times. We will be here for about another year, maybe more, maybe less. I am hoping to visit one or two of the other islands before we leave.

I still love it here! I'm not getting "cabin fever" as some do. I love the weather, the amazing mountains and of course the beautiful ocean! I only wish it wasn't so expensive to fly here so family could come visit.
This is by far our best duty station yet! Third times the charm!



  1. I love it, too... My heart is already breaking at the idea of ever having to leave..... But, another PCS season awaits us.... less than a year away.... but my heart will always be here in Hawaii. :)

  2. My husband has always said that a duty station is usually what you make of it (there are some he says are just awful no matter what). It sounds like you have make a good time of the tour in Hawaii.

  3. Lucky you! The best thing we ever did was get off that island! I know that living there you are either one way or the other, you either love it or hate it. I think it's a beautiful place to visit, I just would never want to be stationed there again. So glad to see that you are enjoying your time there! :)

  4. Awesome I have Hawaii on our radar for a visit I hope the next venture you guys have is just as good

  5. I hope to visit Hawaii someday - it sounds beautiful! Glad you've enjoyed your time there!

  6. Sound amazing. When my hubby was in the Army I wanted to get stationed there, but since he had lived their for 8yrs when he was growing up, he didn't want to do it again.


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