Sunday, June 05, 2011

Photobucket Secret

Would you like to change your blog button?
If so, I have a easy little trick to share for those who use Photobucket to upload blog graphics!

For example:
The button on the left, used to look like the button on the right.

A lot of awesome bloggers have grabbed the code for it and added it to their blog. I had wanted to change it and have the changes be reflected everywhere the button happened to be!

It is quite simple to do. I created the new button and was ready to upload it to Photobucket, the trick is all in the file name. First make sure the new graphic has the same file name as the old one already uploaded.

Log-in to your account and look at the Direct Link to the graphic you want to change, it should look similar to this:

The very important part, the file name and type at the end (in red). The new graphic you want to upload needs to be exactly the same file name and type (png, jpeg, bmp).
When you are ready to upload the new graphic, Delete the old one FIRST.
Then upload the new graphic with the exact same file name.

That's it! The new graphic will replace the old because it will have the exact same Direct Link.

It usually takes a few hours for the new graphic to appear on your blog (because of cookies/cache something like that) the old graphic will still show until the new one takes affect.


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  1. Thanks for this great tip - I may use it in the near future! :-)



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