Saturday, June 04, 2011

Deodorant not working... Getting Personal

The is kinda embarrassing and for a long while I didn't want to talk about it to anyone, except my Doctor and my husband. But I finally talked to another mom I know about it when she brought it up. I think it probably happens to a lot of women.

Many months ago I noticed my deodorant wasn't working as well as it used to. I had been using the same brand for years. Then it got to where it wasn't working at all. I would shower and be sitting around the house doing nothing, but smell like I had been outside sweating, embarrassing right?
I tried a clinical strength deodorant which didn't work much better and had a scent I didn't like...
My first thought was that my hormones were changing. I'm only 32, I'm not anywhere near the typical age when Menopause begins. Although I couldn't help but think back to a magazine article I had read many years ago about a women starting Menopause at 19, which is referred to as Premature Menopause. I also wondered if my hormones could be changing early due to the permanent birth control procedure (read that post) I had had a year and a half ago.

I finally went to my Doctor and she did a blood test to check my hormone levels, which came back normal. The Doctor wasn't any help other than that...

I kept "Googleing" to try and find any suggestions or answers.
Finally I found two very good suggestions that have helped;
1. I kept trying different deodorants until I found one that works. Even if one type from a specific brand doesn't work, possibly another type from that brand may work. I bought the sample sizes when possible to save money.
2. I have started using an antibacterial liquid soap to wash my underarms in the shower to help remove any bacteria. It also helps wash off the old deodorant. Some deodorants are hard to wash off in the shower.

I finally found a deodorant that works better for me and in combinations with using the soap has almost completely eliminated the problem.



  1. I have the same problem and I''m 25! I have to use men's deodorant, old spice to be exact! It can be very embarrassing but oh well, we can't help it!


  2. I heard it may be due to the fabrics you wear. Synthetics make a nice warm place for bacteria to grow. Cotton and bamboo blends are really good for helping control that. Since we're all sharing, I have the worst smelly feet, I have to wear closed toe shoes as a nurse (no Crocs allowed) my dad sent me a pair of bamboo socks and it REALLY helped

  3. Have you tried the Crystal-Pomegranate-Crystal-Essence-Mineral-Deodorant-Roll-On? All natural!

  4. I've had the same issue. When I played sports in high school I wore men's antipersperants. And it's true about different ones from the same brand. I've found the Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof works the best in the summer when it's hot and humid here.

    I would also suggest having your thyroid checked if the doctor didn't check that. I had health issues for 10 years, and once my blood work FINALLY showed a thyroid issue and I got on the meds, I feel SO much better and things like soap and deoderants work better. My thyroid was dying a slow and painful death this whole time.


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