Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Computers: don't make my mistake; Clean and Backup Regularly

So many people rely heavily on these fabulous yet sometimes frustrating electronics we call computers.
Us bloggers use the internet a lot!
I have only had my lap-top for 7 months, and yet, 2 weeks ago, out of nowhere I received a warning message telling me to back-up because my hard disc was failing!!!

What? How can that be?
I did what I was told, luckily I have an external hard drive with enough memory to do so.

Thank goodness my lap top is under a year old so its still covered under the initial warranty. I called Dell technical support and they sent a technician out to my house a few days later to replace the hard disc. Crisis adverted! Mostly...

I was told hard discs don't usually go bad but to avoid it, its recommended to clean-up your computer to remove internet clutter, temporary files, scan for viruses, etc. Twice a week.

I recommend backing up your files regularly so if your computer does crash, you don't loose everything. Although I did back-up unfortunately the back-up I did, did not include my bookmarks... UGH!!! I was able to get a back-up of my bookmarks that were still on my desktop computer which I never use anymore. But pretty much any bookmark I have saved over the last 7 months was lost..... Which were a lot. It really sucks!

Most of the ones I lost were Asperger's related. I have done so much Googling on the subject any time I found a helpful site I saved it. All lost now...

However I had been contemplating switching from using Firefox to Chrome but it would have been a pain to switch since I had everything saved on Firefox... Well, since I lost it all, there was my opportunity. Also, I have since found out (why didn't I learn this before) that both Firefox and Chrome have a sync option that will automatically back-up all my bookmarks to my account! With Chrome its especially easy, the info is tied to my Google account!

I now have a reminder set on my cell phone (only way I will remember) to run scans every Sunday and Wednesday evening. I use Norton so before I go to bed I turn the scans on and click a little box to shut-down when completed. Also a reminder is set for the first Monday of every month to back-up. I'm prepared now.

Learn from my mistakes...



  1. Thank you for the wise words! I'm putting it on my calendar now.

  2. I had TWo computers crash on me last year. It was terrible since I didn't back up....:)

  3. That's why I use the Xmarks add on. It saves all of my bookmarks, and all I have to do is log in on any browser using the plugin, and my bookmarks are there no matter where I am. I do recommend cleaning and backing up though. I would even recommend a service like Carbonite or Moxy. In digital scrapbooking I've seen EHDs fail after only being a year or 2 old fairly often.

  4. Hi there, I got here through a circuitous route, but I like it here so I am your newest follower...I would like to know how you as chrome to back up your bookmarks...Can you tell me? Pinkim from TrulySimplyPink


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