Monday, May 30, 2011

Permanent Birth Control

This is something I have debated on sharing for a while. But it is an important subject in most women's lives.
Not long after our son was born hubby and I decided we were done having kids. I wanted to take permanent measures so I didn't have to remain on "the pill" forever, which is not good for your body. Or ever have to worry about it again.
A good friend of mine had the Essure procedure done several years prior and told me about it. Once I knew there was an easy option for me, I wanted to get it done.

All in all I would much rather pregnancy be under the control of my own body. If my body wants to spontaneously decide I need to be pregnant again then so be it. There have been cases of a vasectomy failing. In fact when I went in to get the Essure procedure done the doctor mentioned they had had a few cases recently.

What is the Essure procedure?
Small metal coils are inserted through the body's natural openings into the fallopian tubes. Over a 3 month waiting period the tubes grow closed around the coils. Then a confirmation test is performed by putting dye inside the uterus and taking a special x-ray to ensure that the coils are in place and the tubes are closed. Essure is NOT reversible and does not contain any hormones.

I had the Essure procedure done in December of 2009 at a military hospital. The Doctors put me under local anesthesia, I got to take a nap! When I woke up, I was perfectly fine, no pain or anything. For a day or two after I had some very light menstrual type cramps a few times but that was it.
During the confirmation procedure 3 months later, when the dye is put inside, it kinda hurts, strong cramping during. But just for a few moments then it's over.
All in all it was well worth it, I am glad I had it done, I don't regret it and I would recommend it.

Just so you know, this is not a paid post, hence, no links. I really did have the procedure done.



  1. It is always a hard decision figuring out what to do when you know you are done having kids. We decided that my husband would get the procedure just in case due to my fertility-related issues, but I think it is so great when women take control of situations!

  2. Hmmm Might have to look into this. DH is thinking about getting tied (but delaying it)... I had never heard of this before but will have to ask about it.

  3. Thanks for posting about this. We're not at this point, but it's nice to read about personal experiences from different options.

    I'm stopping by from this week's Super Stalker Sunday hop! Thanks for participating! I hope you'll join us again next week and I hope you'll stop by and visit me if you haven't already!
    Mariah, Formula Mom


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