Sunday, May 29, 2011

Find New Value For Your Kids' Used Things

Babies need so much STUFF!!! A lot of the stuff is Big; cribs, changing tables, strollers! Our children go through so much clothing and usually don't wear anything for very long. Sometimes only once or not at all. What about all the Toys, Toys, Toys!

So, what do parents do with all the used kid items we no longer need?? Give it away, donate it or sell it. I don't know about you, but I would much rather be able to sell my kids old baby items so I have money for the new stuff!! I also like to find things lightly used at a cheaper price rather than pay full price!
Where can we go to do all this??
Stork Broker

At Stork Brokers you can sell baby items and buy used baby items! But wait, there are items for sale for big kids and adults too! This sight is fantastic!
Being a Military family, we move about every 3 years. So its important to get rid of old clutter and anything we no longer need so we have less to move!
Some of the many benefits of using
(1) Minimize clutter in the home by allowing you to get rid of unneeded items
(2) Make extra money by selling items you don't need
(3) Promote recycling to protect the planet for our children's future
(4) Also its moms helping moms get items for their children without paying retail prices.

By the way, its Free to join and Free to list your items for sale! The only fee is a flat 6% fee from the final sale of the item! If your item doesn't sell, you pay nothing! I Love that!


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  1. We've had our old baby stuff a while now. It might not be long before we can use it with grandkids.



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