Wednesday, May 25, 2011

(Asperger's) Do you watch Parenthood?

Up until a few months ago I had heard of the show but didn't know anything about it. So when my sister told me that one of the child characters (Max) on the show has Asperger's, I was intrigued.
Well, at the time I had already missed the first whole season and most of the second... I couldn't just start watching in the middle, I had to see it from the beginning (I love the internet)! It took me a while, but I am now caught up and have seen all the episodes that have aired! I'm totally hooked on the show!

I love that the show portrays a child with Asperger's. But it kinda makes me sad too. I wonder how much my son will be like Max. What my/his future holds.

We were at the park the other day, there were lot's of kids there. Sissy was playing with her friend. Booboo just kinda does his own thing. He doesn't really play with the other kids. I don't think he really knows how. He kinda watches the other kids, and goes near them some, sometimes he might talk to another kid a bit. But mostly he does his own thing. He comes back to me often to say "Hi", ask a question, get a drink, etc...
It makes me sad. I want him to be able to play with the other kids.

When were at someone else's house with several kids (or more) or we have kids over our house, all the kids will be in the bedrooms playing and he will choose to be downstairs by himself.
He loves to play with his sister but lately more and more I think she is getting to the age where she doesn't like playing with him anymore.

He will be starting Preschool this year!! Which I think will help him a lot with socialization among other things.



  1. I guess you have to ask yourself, is he happy not playing with other kids. Many children on the autism spectrum find mixing difficult and being on their own is usually the better option. My daughter, who is autistic, does have friends but she's a loner. She loves her own company (as I do) even though she enjoys having a friend round for supper or sleepover. It's a case of getting onto their level and trying to get inside their mind. The bubble they live in doesn't always allow other children to "invade", however much we parents would like to see our kids play with others.

    CJ xx

  2. I'm reading a new book about a child that has Autism. It's written by the same author and publishing company as Chicken Soup for the Soul series. It's called: Lonely Girl, Gracious God. It's not super religious like the title insinuates. It talks about God, but it's more about the mom trying to figure out her child. She had her in the 80's, so there was a lot less information about Autism and Asperger's then. I'm getting really into the book. You might like it. Right now I'm in the spot where the mom's trying to mainstream her daughter into school and sports to try and get her to interact with others. It's not really working, but she's more then great with individualized sports like swimming, horse back riding and biking. You should check the book out. It's the first adult book I've read in years. I'm a blog reader and read children's books all the time, but hardly get a chance to read an adult book.

  3. It will get better.. My son was the same way. He would try, but the other kids just thought he was weird, I heard a few kids say. Broke my heart!!

    Now he's just advanced to the 10th grade, He's had the same girlfriend for the entire year, he's in the JROTC, he has so many friends. I was at his High School for an ARD meeting the other day and he walked me to the meeting area. My jaw dropped at how many kids came up to him in the hall and said hi or talked to him, and how many kids he did the same to..

    So, I had the same worries, but now, I don't worry at all.. Of course he does stick his foot in his mouth a lot, tries too hard to make the kids laugh at times.. but for the most part.. the kids just like him for... him! He even tells me that the boys come up to him asking him for "dating" advice.. "How do you do it?" they ask.. he tells them.. "I just be myself"

    It will get better with your son!


  4. Hell, I am new follower and found you from Design it Chic's Boost My Blog. My best friend's son is autistic and he is 7 years old now. He does the same thing. Usually if he does decide to interact with the outher kids, it is because they are running in circles and he loves that. Otherwise, he'll sit and watch a movie, play a video game and just play quietly by himself. As he gets older and is in school, he will slowly begin to "play" with other kids; however, it may never be at the level the other children do. You know what? That's ok. As long as he is happy doing what he is doing, that is all that matters.

  5. I think you are taking the right approach just giving him space and time. There's no point in pushing and rushing him, yeah?
    By the way...I have mysteriously stopped following your blog. I have no idea why but stupid blogger is messing me up messing fierce lately. And I can't get the button to follow you again to load. So, I'll have to check again later and see if I can. And I Love Blogging sticker is rad! I love it!

  6. I have 2 boys on the spectrum, and my oldest is an Aspie. Hands down, the biggest thing that has helped is ABA therapy through EFMP and ECHO. I seriously advise anyone who can to take advantage of this benefit. Sure, the red tape to getting there can be frustrating, but it's so worth it in the end. We have seen such strides this year. My oldest, who will be 10 in a month, went from "problem child" to distinguished honor roll, and has made more friends at school this year. I credit so much of it to his ABA and a correct IEP.


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