Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday Linky
~ I Heart Blogging! Bumper Sticker Giveaway~

Sorry, their all gone! Congrats to those who got one!
The first 8 people to email me @ mrsmarine79[at]aol[dot]com with your name and mailing address will get the bumper sticker shown above! I will update this post when I have enough winners! *That's it, just email me, no participation in WW required. The linky below is just my regular WW linky for fun!*

I originally received 20 stickers for my BuildASign Review (I kept one for myself) and still have 8 left to giveaway!

Leave a link to your WW post on the Linky below!
Don't just leave a link and run, its rude. Leave a comment as well!

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  1. I LOVE the bumper sticker! So cute.

  2. Sigh....I didn't read the rules. I'm not Wordless Wednesdaying till tomorrow morning so count me out. Sorry! ♥

  3. Happy Wordless Wednesday!


    http://stephhightree.blogspot.com/ and http://steph-gnomie.blogspot.com/

  4. Love the Bumper Sticker! Hope I was fast enough in emailing you.

  5. Happy WW! I emailed anyway, but pretty sure I am out of luck, hehe.

    Cute sticker though!

  6. I think I'm a wee bit late :(

    But hey, thanks for the linky party. I have added your linked to my WW blog post. Come around and see my WW as well :)

  7. That is very cute! Good choice!

  8. I adore you (and blogging) but I don't use those so I say YAY to those who got one!

  9. Well, I'm sorry I missed out on the giveaway, but I still think that was a really sweet thing for you to do!
    It's just like you! :)


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