Thursday, February 03, 2011

Safety and Sanity Savers (Keep your kids Safe)

My kids are 7 and 3, so they are finally getting to the age where I dont have to "child proof" my house, as much...
These days its mostly my 3 year old who I worry about. He is much more mischievous, he likes to get into things, climb on things, take stuff apart....
Child proofing your home not only keeps your kids safe, but it can also help keep you sane!

Look how cute my boy is! He loves to climb... This bookshelf is in his room and its mounted to the wall so if he tries to climb it, it wont tip over on him (some of the "unseen" child proofing techniques are the most essential).

There is a much taller bookshelf in my daughter's room, whit lots of heavy books on the top shelf! This one is also mounted to the wall. Although she knows not to climb it (I think) its better safe than sorry! Also in the event of an earthquake, it wont fall over.
Bed guards, to prevent my little man from rolling off the bed onto the hard floor below. Save his cute little head! He's clumsy enough on his own.
A latch like this keeps your kids out of cabinets. There are DVD's in this one, which wont hurt my son if he gets in there, but he might break them. Not to mention make a big mess that I would have to clean up....
It's important that booster seats are buckled to the chair so your little ones don't tip over and fall off.
I don't yet trust my little boy to stay out of my bedroom and out of the laundry room where the cat food and litter box are so I have a gate to block the hallway leading to those rooms.
This is the best gate I ever bought!! It fits large openings, is taller than the average gate, there are not holes for kids to try to climb over it and.... (see next picture)
It rolls in and out of the way when its not in use!!! It's great for dogs too (not that we have one)!
My daughter's room has to be off limits to my son when she is at school. Because he would trash it, break things, etc, etc... I use a gate so I don't have to keep the door closed.
Save your kids fingers!!! These are great, we have several around the house. It keeps the door from closing and saves fingers from getting slammed!! I also use one on my laundry room door so the cat doesn't accidentally get locked out!
Simple but O-So effective! Keep those outlets covered!! These work too well, I have a hard time getting them out!
This locks the closet door in my son's room, since there are off limits items in there!
Sometimes you need to use your outlets. These great boxes cover the outlet and the plugs so kids can't un-plug things to get to the outlet!
I love these! Put the plug in and turn it to insert it completely! When the plug is removed the cover snaps sideways again! I have these in my upstairs hallway where I plug in the vacuum.
Some doors my son does not need to be able to open!
Yes, my kids rooms are a prison, we have bars on the windows... Haha! These are called Angel Guards (it's attached on the inside of the window). It only covers the screen side to prevent a child from falling out the window if its open. It can be easily removed by an adult in case of fire!
Every home should have several smoke detectors throughout the house and a carbon monoxide detectors on each floor. For obvious reasons.
Latches for the cabinets are a definite must. Especially for under the kitchen sink and anywhere else cleaning products are kept.

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  1. Thank goodness, I'm almost past this point. And speaking of your little "clumsy" guy, we used to joke that my son needed a helmet. Just for everyday use.
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