Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm a Versatile and Stylish Blogger *Awards*

I was honored to receive two Blogger Awards recently!

The Versatile Blogger
Given to me by Thirty-One Trendy Totes

Stylish blogger Award
Given to me by The Crafty Gals

7 fun facts about me:
1. my favorite color is Pink (shocking right, haha)
2. I have lived in (this list gets longer all the time): Colorado (first 23 years), California, Virginia and currently Hawaii!
3. I have always wanted to visit Egypt, I have a fascination with Egyptians!
4. I love Italian Food
5. I love flip-flops (Hawaiian's call them slippers)
6. Currently, my favorite TV show is "Pretty Little Liars"
7. I have a collection of Toe-Socks! (Sadly I never get to wear them anymore because it's never cold enough)



  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you back.


  2. Congratulations!!!
    Way to go!!!
    Debbie B.

  3. Congratulations! I've always enjoyed reading your blog.

  4. I love your blog......not only because of the pink theme...but because it is creative and informative.
    I would love to live in Hawaii for a while and I AM married to an Italian!
    Nice to meet you!

  5. Congratulations! Being versatile is good...doing it while being stylish...well that's really good!

    Just Me Wyrdings

  6. Save for the toe socks, we have a ton in common! Congrats!


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