Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cell Phones: I have even better Serv....

Hubby has been on the mainland training for several weeks now and rarely has cell service to call me. They keep moving to different locations so it varies from day to day. Yesterday morning he was able to call me and had told me they were "moving" again so hopefully he would still have service to call again later.

That evening he calls and the conversation went as follows:
-phone rings-
Me: Hi!!
Hubby: Hey! I have even better serv....

He was about to say "service", then the phone cut out and he was unable to call me back...



  1. HI! Thanks so much for dropping by and joining my blog. I love both of yours and can not wait to read more! Wishing I was in Hawaii.....I spent a week there on leave while I was in the AF. Thanks for serving our country...along side your husband!

  2. Oh man, I'm so sorry, that really sucks. He thought he had good service, only to find out he didn't. How frustrating for BOTH of you! Hopefully he is in a better area soon.


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