Sunday, January 30, 2011

Military Exceptional Family Member Program

I recently learned that both of my kids qualify for the EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program) due to my daughter's ADHD and my son having Asperger's. I am still in the process of enrolling them and learning what all the program has to offer.

The EFMP is for Family members with special medical and/or educational needs.
The EFMP has two very important components, the first being Family Support and the second being Assignment Coordination.

In the future it will help to ensure we get stationed somewhere where whatever services we need for the kids are available nearby. Also, I have heard the program will helps us get housing faster. Which is great considering my son does not do well with change.
He was 2 when we moved here and he did fairly well. He will be 5 when we leave and I am already worried about how he will handle it. He get's upset and distressed now when I re-arrange the furniture in his room...

I wish the program could stop my husband from Deploying...


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