Thursday, January 06, 2011

Manipulating Twitter?

I get emails from Twitter when I have a new follower. Whenever I do, I log on to my Twitter account and check out my new followers and usually I follow back. But there are times when I look at my new followers and the person I got the email about is no longer there.
For example, I get an email saying "@MrsMarine is now following you on Twitter", I could click the link in the email, but I prefer to go onto Firefox to log on Twitter where I click through to look at my followers. The newest follower will always be at the top right? Well, there are times when I get the email about "MrsMarine", then look and their not there in my Followers list....? Has this happened to you? Why don't we get emails when someone un-follows?

I figure there are a couple scenarios that could lead to this happening:

1. Obviously the person could have clicked to follow me, then changed their mind, or had clicked follow by accident, and then un-followed me.

2. Or, their account was suspended, which I have seen that a few times, but those type of accounts are usually obvious; default picture, no one I know follows them, and they follow 1,000 people.

3. But considering how often it happens, what I wonder is (and I may end up giving people bad ideas by suggesting this) are people trying to manipulate Twitter to get more followers without following a bunch of people themselves? For instance, follow a bunch of people, then un-follow them all. Everyone who gets emails will think they have a new follower and if they click the link in the email to follow back then they wont know their not being followed anymore... Which if people are doing that, really crappy and pathetic, don't manipulate the system...

I'm not saying I don't/wont follow someone unless they follow me, but if I get the email and then their no longer there in my followers list, I'm not going to seek them out to follow back...

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  1. Hum....not sure. But have you ever gone on "Friend or Follow"? There you can tell who is not following you back.

    Ok, now I'm going to go follow you on Twitter! I'm CM_alittlelilac :-)

  2. I too am selective about following people on twitter. Normally I will check out their profile first before deciding whether to follow back or just ignore.

  3. I don't always follow people who follow me, just like Astro, I'm selective. I am amazed sometimes at WHY some of these people chose to follow me in the first place, what makes them decide to??? Oh, well, I don't think I'll ever understand Twitter completely. :)

  4. I will go into Twitter and click on "Followers"
    If there are new ones FOLLOWING, I will follow them back. However, if they TWEET things that I see are offensive, I will unfollow. If they don't like what I TWEET, they are welcome to do the same. I'm not there to debate. ;D I had one that just wanted to argue about my opinion and started being so rude... even after I unfollowed. So I BLOCKED Mission accomplished.


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