Saturday, January 22, 2011

Limoges Factory .com

Do you know what Limoges boxes are? I didn’t until recently. I have seen these lovely little boxes and figurines before in stores and such, but I never knew they had a specific name.
If I’m not mistaken I think my grandma had one or two of the more traditional ones.

I am amazed at all the different categories of Limoges boxes! There is literally one for any object you could think of! From animals, to plants, food, games, even electronics.

Look, its a laptop!

I love the cat Limoges figurines, because well, I’m a cat lover!
But even more, I collect things from Alice in Wonderland so I was pleasantly surprised to see these:
So cute, right!

This is a paid post, but all opinions are completely my own.



  1. I will say these are soooo very cute, I especially love the frog ones...they are soooo very expensive too! My grandmother had stuff like this around when I was young.

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