Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hubby's Away Again.....

I have lost count of the number of training field ops Hubby has had over the last 9 years (wow, hes really been in for 9 years. He hit that mark in December). When he goes to the field the time has ranged from 3 days to 6 weeks depending on what hes doing and where he has to go. What stinks about being in Hawaii is they cant do much training here. They have to go other places which requires them to be gone longer. But, it also means they don't go as often...

He just had one a few months ago and now he's gone again... 6 weeks this time. He has been busy since he got there and hasn't been able to call much. He was able to call last night and talk to the kids before they went to bed. Booboo said to him "Daddy come back"

I think it's hardest on him when Daddy is gone. He's at the age where he knows Daddy is gone, he misses him, but he still doesn't understand why Daddy has to leave, or how long Daddy will be gone.
Princess still doesn't have the greatest concept of time but she at least understands how a calendar works and I can show her what day Daddy will be back. She has her own calendar in her room so she gets to mark off every day and can count down until he comes back.

I just get starved for adult interaction.... Frustrated from being a single parent... Lonely because my husband is gone... I hate cooking when he's away... But, I do have the TV all to myself while he is gone... Although I tend to stay up to late because Hubby is usually the one to say "lets go to bed" and I don't like going to bed alone. Weeknights he gets up early so he has to go to bed early. Some nights he goes to bed at 8:30, if I'm not tired yet I lay in bed and read until I start to fall asleep.



  1. I completely understand the craving adult interaction. My hubby is away training right now ..only for two weeks but I get lonely at times. There is no one here for me to talk to besides the pup and while he listens he doesn't say much back lol.

  2. We're the same boat. Hubby just went over 10 years (in the Navy) and has been going in and out for training exercises. Was gone much of the Fall and is leaving tomorrow for 5 weeks. Hang in there ;)


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