Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blogging Tips: Blogger Profile & Replying to Comments

I recently wrote a post about updating your Google Profile to ensure that there are links to your blog, etc. so others can find and follow you.

For those same reasons its just as important to keep your Blogger Profile up to date, even if the Blogger Profile widget (example at left) is not on your blog. Remember, whenever you use Blogger to sign in when leaving a comment your user name will link back to your Blogger Profile Page.

Would you like other bloggers to be able to reply to to the comments you leave via email? Keep reading for details.

On your Blogger Dashboard there are links to the left to View and Edit your Profile (shown above).
Below is a screen shot of my profile page. I have circled some of the points I am going to go over.
Go to your "Edit User Profile" page, under Privacy:

Share my profile: If this box is not checked your profile page will not be viewable to others.

**Show my email address: If this box is checked there will be an "Email" link on your profile page. Also, if you have this checked other blogger's will be able to reply via email to comments you leave on their blogs! Which personally I think is important! I have all comments sent to my email address and I'm always disappointed when someone leaves a great comment that I want to respond to and I cant because they have not set this up which means the comment email address shows as:
In a moment I will tell you how to specify what email address is used for this.

Show my blogs: Link "Select blogs to display", Self explanatory right? One suggestion from me, if you have a test blog that is not meant for anyone to read, or a private blog, remove it from this list.

Under "Identity":
Email Address: This is the email that the check box I mentioned above will use. It states: Changing this does not change the e-mail address you use to sign-in
If you don't want to use your personal email address for this, create another one, there are plenty of Free options to do so.

Scrolling down under "General":
Homepage URL: If you put a web address in this box there will be a link to "My Web Page" on your Profile page under Contact. If you do not have another web site you would like to link to, I would suggest putting the URL to your primary blog here.

Scrolling down under "Extended Info":
Interests: I have put all tags associated with my blog in this box, all the words will be links on your Profile Page. Which will help other Blogger's will similar interests find your blog!

For everything else I didn't go over, put as little or as much info about yourself as you choose. If you need any help feel free to ask!

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  1. Great tips. I had no idea about the email for comments. Thanks for sharing.


    Newest follower I hope you can come by & check us out! thanks

  3. thanks for the tips! i'm following you on blogfrog & network blogs - prayin for your family - we appreciate your sevice!

  4. Yes! I agree with you 100% - captcha is irritating. Visiting on the Friday hop from Edge of Escape


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