Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sensitivity to Noise

My son has always had a dislike for loud noises, now it all makes since why, I didn't know then...

When he was an infant I couldn't vacuum my house without him crying. Many times I put him in one of those carriers that you strap to the front of you while I vacuumed (it was the only time I ever used that carrier), he was fine if he was being held, he felt safe and not afraid.

When he was about a year old, my daughter was in preschool and the school would have award presentations and performances for the parents to attend. At certain times during the performance, all the kids in the room would get loud singing, or saying the school pledge and my son would get upset and cry because it was too loud and he didn't like it. I would have to leave the room and go wait it out in the hall with him until it quieted down, causing me to miss whatever was going on and feel guilty.

He hates when it rains hard because of the noise, he used to cry every time it rained hard. We have a two story house and the bedrooms are upstairs. It rains often where we live and there have been many late nights when it begins to rain and he wakes up crying. A while ago I started telling him that it rains because the plants and trees are thirsty, they need a drink, it is slowly beginning to help and he is getting better. Now when it rains during the day he is usually ok, its mostly at night that he gets upset.

He comments on loud noises all the time, covers his ears and depending on how loud it is, sometimes gets upset. He notices noises I don't. 


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  1. Hi, I'm so glad that I looked at something other than the blog hop that you have. I noticed your title. My husband and son are both Aspie's! Recently we found out that my husband's father is also an Aspie. Of course Asperger's Syndrome is hereditary.

    In addition to my main blog, I've started a blog for my husband and son, called Schoen's Puzzle
    I haven't done much on that blog, the main blog is so time consuming. LOL

    Anyhoo.. I just wanted to stop in and share my little tid bit with you.

    Have a good one!


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