Saturday, January 22, 2011

Amazing Finds from the Amazing Music Box Co.

I love music boxes! It brings back memories from when I was little; I always loved sifting through the jewelry and trinkets in my mom and grandmothers music boxes.

I had my very own music box when I was little. It was white with light pink felt inside and when opened had a little ballerina that spun around! It now belongs to my daughter.

The Amazing Music Box Co. has a wide variety of beautiful music boxes to fit any occasion and a music box definitely makes a treasured gift for anyone!
There are too many I like to pick a favorite, but this one, is just too cool:
No, it’s not a real piano, it’s a music box!

I really like the music boxes for babies, perfect for the mom to be! Especially if it’s not their first child, since they would already have all the major stuff, a music box would be unique and decorative, not your typical baby shower gift!

This is a paid post, but all opinions are completely my own.


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