Thursday, December 02, 2010

"Hygiene on-the-go" QwikShower Wipes Review

I recently received a review sample of QuickShower Wipes and I gave them to Hubby to test out; he described it as "a huge baby wipe". Compared to a baby wipe, QuickShower Wipes are over twice the size, more durable for cleaning the whole body and have a clean soap smell (no smelling like baby powder).
Hubby goes out to the field several times a year (for over a month at a time) to train. He is basically "camping" and doesn't get a real shower for days on end. QuickShower Wipes will be perfect for him when he's in the field!

QuickShower Wipes were designed for stinky, sweaty, kids and tweens/teens to use after gym class, but the uses are growing!!
Camping, hiking, traveling, sports, after a workout, quick clean-ups, anytime your sweaty/stinky and cant get to a shower! Great to keep in your car; had to change a tire on the side of the road, spilled drinks/food, potty accidents. The possible uses are endless!

-Convenient. "Hygiene on-the-go" Each wipe is individually wrapped for portability and to ensure it never dries out. Slip it into a backpack or purse and go!

-Effective. With a large 10” x 12” dimension and a resilient cloth-like material, QwikShower Wipes are big and study enough to clean the entire body - also leaving a slight fresh scent behind that’s been tested and well-received by teenagers and their parents.

-Green. Environmentally friendly, QwikShower Wipes are non-aerosol and emit zero fluorocarbon emissions unlike popular body sprays. This also ensures the scent won’t invade the personal space of others or overwhelm a locker room.

Available for purchase online at - Free Shipping - 1 for $1, 10 for $7, 50 for $29 and 100 for $49.



  1. I had never heard of anything like this - what a cool product!

    Gina (fellow DT Member)

  2. My son needs some of these to use after football practice BEFORE he gets in my car. Where can I get some?


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