Thursday, December 16, 2010

At what age is it inappropriate for a child to be in public without pants?

There is a mother who lives around my neighborhood who I see out walking with her daughter (who's probably around 2 years old) on a regular basis. Every time I see them, the little girl is wearing a shirt and a diaper.

Even lately when its been a little cool out in the mornings, the mother is wearing a jacket and pants, but the girl is still in just a shirt and a diaper....
At what age do you think its inappropriate for a child to be in public without pants on?
Infants are acceptable, but I think once a child is walking, they should have pants on when in public. Obviously if the kids are in their own yard playing, or even if their playing in sprinklers or something then its fine. But to be walking down the street away from your house, I think the kid should have pants on. Or if she was wearing a dress then of course that's fine, but the dress should be long enough to at least hide the diaper...



  1. my son just turned two. since it is not summer i dont let him run around in his diaper but if it were summer and certain circumstances i would understand. why would the mother be dressed for the weather but not her baby! I am your newest follower from the hop please follow me back at

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  3. Normally I would think that was a little humorous. Not so much in the winter, even if it isn't very cold where you live. My kids don't go out in public past a few months old without pants on. It's not necessarily modesty issues. I just think it's kind of weird not to fully clothe your child. Just a personal preference.

  4. I totally agree with you. I just think it looks "white trashy" if you don't put clothes on your kids in public if they are that old. I live in Florida, so in the summer I see a lot of babies in a t-shirt and diaper (or just a diaper) and I don't mind that because it is really HOT here, but when they are inside, it is freezing with the A/C.

  5. I dont understand why she is dressed and not her baby. With all the pedophiles running around you would think that she would be a little more cautious. I could see every now and again as my little one has run out the door after daddy in his diaper a few times. Its sad that we cant let our kids run free anymore.

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