Saturday, December 11, 2010

$3,000 Fraud Avoided...

Hubby and I are laying in bed this morning when his cell phone rang... It was our credit card company calling with an automated message from the Fraud department asking to verify some recent charges... One if which was for $0.20 which we didn't recognize... (Why would we use a credit card for $0.20 right?) And with the automated voice we couldn't understand what the company name was. So the call got transferred to a human.
It turns out, the $0.20 was just a pre-authorization for a plane ticket costing over $3,000!!! We didn't buy that!!!
Nor did our card even have an available balance to pay for it! Thank goodness our cards have now been shut off, marked as Fraud, and we will not be liable for the charges! Needless to say, I am happy with our credit card company, its Discover by the way! They called us! We would not have even known the charge was there until our next billing statement. I imagine the size of the transaction is what set off red flags, not to mention the fact that we didn't even have enough money available to cover the charge.
Identity theft sucks! This is not the first time I have had to deal with this sort of thing... At least this time, it was taken care of before any real damage was done...
That is an expensive plane ticket....



  1. Did you get the details? Just where did they think they were going? Perhaps to see you? Haha. (Can you blame them, we have some pretty nice weather here!?)

  2. Brie: LOL, no we didn't get the flight details, probably coming form another country to here at the last minute! Definitely cant blame them for wanting to come visit me, who wouldn't want to escape the cold weather!

  3. Im so glad everything is going to workout good. It is a scary thought when people get ahold of your credit information. This has happen to us before but BOA was on top of everything and handled the situation for us. But $3000 dollars for a ticket is crazy it might be Santa coming from the North Pole lol

  4. Hello there, this happened to me too. My card was first charge for an iTune, turns out it was a sample to see if they could get away with a larger purchase, anyhow, glad you have the credit card company on your side.

  5. I am constantly viewing our charges. this is a good idea. then one can stay up on all the charges. glad you got it straightened out.

  6. Oh, my goodness, a similar thing happened to us two weeks ago! Thank goodness credit card companies call when they see those strange charges.


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